Visualize Complex Relationships with PARTNER CPRM's Advanced Mapping Tools

Understanding the intricate web of relationships within a community is essential but often a complex and cumbersome task. With PARTNER CPRM’s advanced relationship mapping capabilities, you can visualize and comprehend connections and interactions in unparalleled detail.

Visualize and map your network of community partner relationships

Our tools allow you to identify key players, track relationship quality, and see how network dynamics evolve over time. Through interactive graphs and easy-to-use interface, you can analyze connections between organizations, individuals, and resources. Beyond visualization, PARTNER CPRM enables you to assign attributes to relationships, score them based on their intensity or quality, and generate insights.

Why PARTNER CPRM for Relationship Mapping?

Map relationships with interactive and customizable tools.

Understand the flow and strength of connections.

View your relationships on a geographic regional or community map.

Access our knowledge base and support team for expert guidance.

relationship mapping

Relationship Mapping Case Studies

Mapping Relationships for Systems Change with the ReThink Health Initiative

The ReThink Health Initiative used PARTNER CPRM to analyze five community networks, map the existing relationships in each area, and understand collaborative dynamics like trust and value that impact and drive their progress and impact.

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Hear from our partners:

"We find that while organizations want to bring in more people and understand the need to work together, they often don't know how to do it well, or do it in name only. PARTNER's relationship mapping capabilities helped us go deep and understand the decision-making processes and governance structures, all the constraints they face so they could be more intentionally interdependent and improve their collaborative outcomes."
Understanding systems change using network analysis
Anna Creegan
ReThink Health Initiative Project Director, Rippel Foundation

Want to see the bigger picture in your network?

PARTNER CPRM’s relationship mapping tools are your key to unlocking new possibilities. Request a demo and start visualizing your community’s connections today!