Learning How to Shift Systems and Partnerhips to Foster Health and Well-Being

January 2018 – February 2020 // Florida, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts // PARTNER CPRM Project

ReThink Health is exploring what it takes to design and execute transformative change and produce better health and well-being for all.

As a Rippel initiative, ReThink Health is interested in working with a particular kind of steward—those who are positioned to influence how regional decisions are made, and how resources are spent—to equitably shift the system in ways that better produce health and well-being.

VNL is working with them to conduct a third evaluation of their Hospital Systems in Transition (HST) and Portfolio Design for Healthier Regions (PDHR) projects. The Time 3 evaluation closely follows the approach used in the Time 1 and Time 2 evaluations. The VNL social network analysis provides information for ReThink Health to further understand and explore the HST and PDHR networks evolution through stewardship, shifting mindsets, and action.

VNL will work with ReThink Health to develop PARTNER surveys and conduct analysis and reporting for the HST and PDHR projects. Additionally, VNL will provide insights about social network analysis for ReThink Health’s overarching analytic framework for the Time 3 evaluation.

"We find that while organizations want to bring in more people and understand the need to work together, they often don't know how to do it well, or do it in name only. PARTNER helped us go deep and understand the decision making processes and governance structures, all the constraints they face so they could be more intentionally interdependent and improve their collaborative outcomes."
Understanding systems change using network analysis
Anna Creegan
Project Director, Rippel Foundation

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Lea Xenakis, M.P.A.

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Dr. Amanda Beacom

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