Our complete suite of Relationship Mapping Tools

PARTNER includes individual and systems-level relationship mapping tools to help you map and analyze the connections that impact your work. Learn more about our solutions below or contact our team to learn more and set up a free demo. We look forward to connecting!


The Community Partner Relationship Manager is a systems-level tracking, mapping, and learning tool. Map and analyze your network of community partners to eliminate redundancies, leverage resources more effectively, and demonstrate your impact.

PARTNERme is our social connectedness screening and referral tool. It allows caring professionals to screen individuals to identify their social needs while mapping their personal support network so they can identify gaps and fill them with targeted community referrals.

What sets PARTNER apart?

Whole Network Tracking

With multiple relationship mapping tools for various specific needs, PARTNER provides a whole network tracking solution for both individual and systems-level relationship mapping projects.

Scientifically Validated Metrics

A network map is only as good as the data that goes into it. PARTNER is built around our validated metrics, developed through decades of network science research and professional practice.

Mapping & Data Visualization

PARTNER’s robust network analyzer was built with a network science lens to help you quickly explore and leverage your relationships. Use GIS Mapping for additional place-based insights.

What do our clients think?

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