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PARTNER is a suite of organizational network analysis tools.

More Ways to Collect & Analyze Data Than Any Other Social Network Analysis Tool Available!

The PARTNR Platform is a powerful social network analysis tool. With more ways to collect data than any other tool available, this is the social network analysis tool for you. PARTNER has been used for both research and practice based analysis of all kinds of social networks. It includes three ways to collect and upload data, a data dashboard with tools to analyze, map and leverage data, along with a Report Builder to share your social network analysis with others. Together, it makes PARTNER one of the best social network analysis tools available! 

Network Data

Use the Network Survey Builder, Person-Centered Network App or Data Uploader to integrate our analytics with data from any third-party social network analysis tools.

Mapping & Analytics

Map your networks and use numerous structure and quality metrics and filters. Export network maps, charts & graphs using our easy-to-use Report Builder.

Learning Lab &
Insights Library

Develop your network evaluation and analysis skills with our Learning Lab. Access our network science knowledge in the Insights Library.

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