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4 Ways to Share Relational Data with Communities Using PARTNER CPRM

The ability to share data and insights not only enhances collaboration but also empowers communities to make informed decisions. PARTNER CPRM, our community relationship tracking platform, takes this principle seriously by integrating accessibility into our tools and features. Unlike most SNA and relationship mapping software, it is easy to share your network maps, reports, and partner profiles with stakeholders across the community.

By leveraging the principles of network science, PARTNER CPRM ensures that every stakeholder in the community ecosystem can access, understand, and utilize data to drive meaningful change. 

In this article, I’ll discuss the four main reasons you should share data with your partners, plus four ways you can do it using the platform. Let’s get started!

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Why Share Data with Your Community?

Sharing data within your community is pivotal for fostering an environment of transparency, cooperation, and mutual growth. It enables partners to align their efforts, identify gaps in service delivery, and capitalize on opportunities to enhance community well-being. 

Furthermore, shared data is a foundation for building stronger, more resilient communities that can adapt and thrive in the face of challenges. Here are four reasons you should share data with community partners whenever possible.

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Sharing Data Builds Capacity

Sharing data through PARTNER CPRM equips community partners with the insights they need to identify strengths and weaknesses within their networks. This visibility encourages strategic planning and resource allocation, enabling communities to harness their collective capacity effectively.

By democratizing access to data, PARTNER CPRM empowers every member of the community to contribute to its growth and sustainability.

Sharing Data Cultivates Trust

Transparency in data sharing cultivates trust among community partners. When organizations share data openly, it signals a commitment to honesty and accountability.

Trust, built on the foundation of shared data, facilitates smoother collaborations and partnerships, fostering a cooperative environment where every voice is valued and every contribution is recognized. It is the mortar that makes partnerships possible.

Sharing Data Promotes Equity

PARTNER CPRM’s approach to data sharing is designed to ensure that all community members have equal access to information, thereby promoting equity and inclusion. 

This inclusive access helps to dismantle barriers to participation, ensuring that decisions and initiatives reflect the diverse needs and aspirations of the entire community.

Sharing Data Creates Reciprocal Value

Networks and relationships thrive when there is reciprocity: stakeholders repay favors, and value flows in both directions. By engaging with surveys and answering questions, your partners provide value.

Giving them access to data through reports or profiles is an excellent way for you to reciprocate and provide them value back to ensure your relationships is meeting the needs of both sides.

4 PARTNER CPRM Tools for Sharing Data

PARTNER CPRM offers a suite of tools designed to facilitate easy and effective data sharing among community partners, ensuring that insights are accessible, actionable, and impactful.

1. Member Profiles

Member Profiles in PARTNER CPRM provide a detailed view of each community partner, highlighting their contributions, connections, and impact within the network. These profiles serve as a powerful tool for recognizing and understanding the roles and resources each partner brings to the table.

You can customize your profile and set them up to be shared automatically with respondents who complete your surveys. Alternatively, you can share them at the end of your project by sharing a link or downloading and sending them as PDF files.

2. PDF Reports

Downloadable reports from PARTNER CPRM allow organizations to share comprehensive insights and analyses with their community. These reports can be tailored to highlight specific data points, trends, or outcomes, making it easier for partners to align on objectives and strategies.

Reports are built using the network maps, charts, and tables generated within your Analyzer and can be downloaded as PDFs to disseminate across the community.

3. Interactive Dashboards

Interactive dashboards offer a dynamic way to explore and interpret community data. With intuitive interfaces and real-time updates, these dashboards ensure that all community members can engage with the data, fostering a shared understanding of the community’s status and progress.

Dashboards allow you to explore the data by clicking nodes to view network member information, zoom in and out, and use different base layers and filter options to identify new patterns and perspectives on their network.

4. Data Exports

The data export feature in PARTNER CPRM enables organizations to share raw data with their partners, facilitating further analysis or integration with other tools. This flexibility supports a wide range of uses and applications, from academic research to strategic planning.

Best Practices for Sharing Data with Community Partners

To maximize the benefits of data sharing with PARTNER CPRM, consider the following best practices and suggestions from our team:

Make Data-sharing the Default

Adopt a culture where sharing data is the norm rather than the exception. This approach ensures that all partners are consistently informed and engaged. Unless there is a significant issue, like privacy requirements or trust problems, make data accessible.

Pick the Right Time to Share Data

Timing is critical in data sharing. Sharing data or profiles quickly with partners builds engagement and buy-in when they are still excited. However, if you share it too soon, it may be incomplete or your partners may not be ready to fully understand and leverage it. 

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Build Community Capacity to Use Data

Offer training and support to help partners understand and utilize the data for their needs. This empowerment is key to ensuring that data leads to actionable insights. We recommend inviting partners to a workshop or webinar to walk through how the data can help them.

Share Profiles to Support Engagement

Leverage member profiles to personalize survey outreach, increasing engagement and the quality of data collected. Make sure your partners know that by participating with surveys they improve their own profiles and reports.

Crosstabs in PARTNER CPRM

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Sharing Data with PARTNER CPRM: Now You Know!

In conclusion, PARTNER CPRM by Visible Network Labs offers a comprehensive platform for sharing data and insights within community networks. By leveraging its powerful tools and adhering to best practices in data sharing, organizations can foster an environment of transparency, trust, equity, and reciprocal value.

Picture of About the Author: Alex Derr, MPA
About the Author: Alex Derr, MPA

Alex is Director of Marketing & Communications at Visible Network Labs. His interests include public policy, environmental conservation, and the intersection of grassroots advocacy and digital communication strategies.

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