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Our PARTNER CPRM allows you to make better data-driven decisions when managing a network of community partners. After you’ve collected and analyzed data, you can order a Full or Highlight Report from our team to share your insights and discoveries with internal or external stakeholders. We can also create powerpoint presentations with your findings. Contact our team to see how PARTNER can help you reach your network goals.

Three PARTNER Reports & Presentations Options
PARTNER Highlights Report

A Highlights Report shares the key insights and takeaways from your analysis in a 2-page report perfect for external stakeholders.

PARTNER Full Report

A Full Report includes all the data and metrics from your report in a 5-10 page report ideal for internal stakeholders & leadership.

Powerpoint Presentation

Want to share your results with a group of partners or stakeholders? Order a powerpoint presentation with your key results.

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How to buy PARTNER Reports & Presentations

To start using the PARTNER Platform you’ll need to purchase a PARTNER survey. This will allow you to collect information about your partnerships from your network members. Next, you can buy a Network Analyzer monthly subscription to map, visualize & analyze your network data. If you want to collect additional information, purchase and send as many surveys as you like (we recommend twice a year at most). Lastly, you can buy one of our Report options to share your discoveries and network insights with others. Email us at to talk about your needs and our solutions further.

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