Visualize, Map & Analyze Your Network with the PARTNER Network Analyzer

PARTNER PlatformOur PARTNER CPRM allows you to make better data-driven decisions when managing a network of community partners. Our PARTNER Surveys allow you to measure the structure and quality of your network partnerships, with more than 15 different metrics & measures. Once your surveys are complete, you can use our PARTNER Network Analyzer to create maps and translate your data into action items that improve and adapt your network strategy & outcomes. Contact our team to see how PARTNER can help you reach your network goals.

The PARTNER Network Analyzer Includes the Core Features Needed to Build Better Networks.
Social Network Analysis Mapping

Create visual maps of your network's connections and display any relational data to identify patterns and new insights.

Data Filter Functionality

Filter your network members displayed in your map according to their attributes or how they answered a question.

Chart & Graph Designer

Instantly create pie charts or bar graphs and customize their appearance and color to match your brand.

Export & View Raw Network Scores

You can always download your raw network scores and data to keep a copy and perform additional analysis if you wish.

Premium: Network Member Profiles

For an extra fee, create Profile Reports automatically for each of your network member you can share or lookup at any time.

Premium: GIS Mapping

For an extra fee, map your networks on physical geographic maps of cities, states or countries to explore place-based insights.

How to buy the PARTNER Platform:

To start using the PARTNER Platform you’ll need to purchase a PARTNER survey. This will allow you to collect information about your partnerships from your network members. Next, you can buy a Network Analyzer monthly subscription to map, visualize & analyze your network data. If you want to collect additional information, purchase and send as many surveys as you like (we recommend twice a year at most). Finally, you can buy one of our Report options to share your discoveries and network insights with others. Email us at to talk about your needs and our solutions further.