Collect Network Data with a PARTNER Survey

Our PARTNER Surveys allow you to collect data from your network of community partners. Once collected, you can use the Network Analyzer to analyze & visualize your network to demonstrate impact and build better strategies for the future.

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PARTNER Surveys Come With These Core Features
Scientifically Validated Metrics

All surveys include our validated community partner survey, with our validated trust & value scores, in addition to other key network science and strategy measures.

Customizable Member Attributes

Add additional info about your network members as customizable member attributes, like their role in the network, focus area or their physical address, to create even more insight from your data.

Skip and Display Survey Logic

Show the right question to the right person with Survey Logic. Questions are skipped or displayed depending on each respondent's attributes and answers to previous survey questions.

Customize Your Survey Questions

Add questions from our Question Bank, customize our validated community partner survey, or use topical survey templates to create a custom survey experience.

Built-In Email Invitation System

No need to copy & paste links. You can send invitation and reminder emails with survey links included from within PARTNER. Set the date and time for each, or use our best-practice email schedule.

Automated Project Status Reports

Setup automated status reports to get regular emails with information on the progress of your survey, including response rates, recent email reminders and more.

How to buy a PARTNER Survey:

To start using PARTNER, you’ll need to purchase a PARTNER survey. This allows you to collect information about your partnerships from your network members. Next, you can buy a Network Analyzer monthly subscription to map, visualize & analyze your network data. If you want to collect additional information, purchase and send as many surveys as you like. Finally, you can buy one of our Report options to share your discoveries and network insights with others. 

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