Collect Data About Your Network of Partners with a PARTNER Survey

Our three PARTNER Survey options allow you to measure the structure and quality of your relationships, along with agreement across your network. Once added to the PARTNER Platform, you can use our Network Analyzer to create maps and translate your data into action items to improve and adapt your network strategy.

Pick From 3 Available PARTNER Surveys

Basic Survey

This entry-level option has everything needed to collect data from up to 200 community partners and includes basic core features.

Premium Survey

This premium option has a limit of 500 community partners, along with more attributes, collaborators and advanced features.

Custom Survey

For those looking for complete customization, custom surveys can be sent to up to 1,500 partners with all our available features.

All Surveys Come With These Core Features
Scientifically Validated Metrics

All surveys include our 19 question default survey, with our validated trust and value scores, in addition to other key measures

Customizable Member Attributes

Add additional info about your network members as customizable member attributes, like network role or their physical address.

Customize Your Survey Questions

Modify the default survey and customize the existing questions to get a survey personalized for their network needs.

Built-In Email Invitation System

No need to copy & paste links. Send invitation and reminder emails with survey links included from within PARTNER.

Premium & Custom Surveys Features

Premium Survey Features

Choose from 10 different question types to collect additional information from your network partners.

We have numerous topical survey templates created for specific applications of the PARTNER Platform. These include:

  • Anchor Networks
  • Early Childhood Networks
  • HIV Provider Networks
  • Informal Health Systems
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Service Provider Network
  • University-Community Partnership
  • Veteran Suicide Prevention Network
  • Youth Violence Prevention Network

Working on your project with others in your organization or network? Add more collaborators with a Premium or Custom Survey. They have access to your survey and analysis later on.

With a Premium Survey, you can add up to 500 network members and give them each up to 16 custom member attributes. 

Custom Survey Features

Add conditional logic to display or skip questions in your survey dependent on member attributes or answers to previous questions. This allows you to create a more customized survey experience for various groups of your members.

Send your intro, invite and reminder emails with your survey automatically. Just pick a starting date to use our best practice inspired schedule, or select your own custom dates.

Give regular status reports on the progress of your survey including email status information, response rates, member responses and more.

Use several different member selection options, including the traditional Bounded Method, Snowball Sampling, online forms and more.

How to buy the PARTNER Platform:

To start using the PARTNER Platform you’ll need to purchase a PARTNER survey above. This allows you to collect information about your partnerships from your network members. Next, you can buy a Network Analyzer monthly subscription to map, visualize & analyze your network data. If you want to collect additional information, purchase and send as many surveys as you like (we recommend twice a year at most). Finally, you can buy one of our Report options to share your discoveries and network insights with others. Email us at to talk about your needs and our solutions further.