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Getting Started

Take a tour of PARTNER CPRM, learn how to setup your Ecosystem, and start collecting, mapping and analyzing relational data across your community partners.

User Guide

Gain in-depth knowledge of PARTNER CPRM’s features and learn how to set up and implement it for your community.


Find answers to common questions about PARTNER CPRM, social network analysis, and community partner relationship management.

CPRM Resources

We’ve assembled helpful blog articles, infographics, research briefs, templates, checklists, and other resources for implementing PARTNER.

Customer Support

Learn about our available customer support for CPRM users and submit a ticket to get assistance from our Data Science experts.

Report Image Examples
PARTNER Topical Survey Templates
PARTNER Platform Brief

A two-page PARTNER Platform handout that explains how PARTNER is used and what questions it can answer for your network or organization.

PARTNER Platform Brief

Tips & Tricks for Collecting Network Data

Bounding Your Network: A methods brief that gives advice on bounding your network in preparation for launching your network survey.

Tips for Designing Your PARTNER Survey:  A blog with tips and advice for writing survey questions and designing your research questions.

Tips for Launching Your PARTNER Survey: A blog with tips and advice for sending our your survey to your partners, including sending reminders and extensions.

Who Should Take My PARTNER Survey? A blog from our team on deciding who to send your PARTNER Survey to.

Tips for Creating Bias Free Surveys: A blog from our team on writing blogs with a minimal amount of bias.

Respondent Information Worksheet

Use this spreadsheet to upload all of your respondent information. When you have it completely filled out, log in to your PARTNER account, select your project, and upload under Step 1: Load Respondents.


Survey Questions

The questions that make up the PARTNER Default Survey are listed in this spreadsheet and word document below. 

PARTNER Default Survey Questions– This document includes the default PARTNER survey questions, as well as, additional relational questions as options.

PARTNER Simulation

In this simulation, the network theory and Social Network Analysis (SNA) are applied to examine the organizational networks in public health partnerships. SNA and network theory is applied to operationalize a set of measurable dimensions that can be used to evaluate the strength of PHCs and the connections (or connectivity) among partner organizations. Connectivity is defined as the measured interactions between partners in a collaborative such as the amount and quality of interactions, and how these relationships might change over time. The simulation has a brief overview of SNA to allow students to become familiar with the concept and language. However, the readings from the “recommended reading” list below can help students get familiar and prepare to participate in this simulation.

Strategic Network Management in a Community Collaborative: A Simulation

PARTNER Simulation

Legacy PARTNER Excel File

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