NEW: PARTNER CPRM Grab and Go Subscriptions are Now Available

Visible Network Labs is excited to announce that our new PARTNER CPRM Grab and Go subscriptions are now available. Our new software packages offer a streamlined interface and workflow you can complete independently. Click here to contact us to learn more, watch the video demo at the top of the page, or keep reading to see some of our favorite features of the new Grab and Go package. 

The new five step homepage for using PARTNER.

Experience a Simplified CPRM Workflow.

PARTNER CPRM projects are now organized around five simple steps to use PARTNER:
  1. Create a survey
  2. Add your respondents
  3. Invite members to participate
  4. Analyze your network
  5. Create reports and share results
This makes managing your project and working your way through the process easy.

Explore Your Ecosystem in the Analyzer

With your data collected, you can begin to explore and analyze your network maps in our visual Network Analyzer. Select different ways to see how your community partners are connected and interact. Layer relationship quality data like trust or value to identify patterns, gaps, and opportunities for improvement among your network of partners.

Share Network Member Profiles with Partners.

Get a Network Member Profile for each member of your network with crucial information, including a map of their personal network, trust and value scores, resource inventories, and more. These are valuable sources of data that your network members can use to benchmark progress, better understand their connections, include in grant applications, and share with their stakeholders.

Example of Network Member Profile Data

Leverage our Customer Experience Team.

Getting to know any new software takes time, so our team is here to help. Our Support Center is your hub for learning, with resources and videos covering each of the five steps in detail. When you need to talk to someone, our Customer Experience Team is ready to provide assistance and help make the most of your CPRM experience.

See what’s coming next to PARTNER CPRM.

There is much more to come for PARTNER CPRM, including comparative tracking over time, advanced subscription tiers with more robust analytics and reporting options, public-facing network dashboards, and more. As a Grab and Go user, you will be among the first to hear about and try new PARTNER CPRM beta features as they roll out.

Click here to see more  Product Updates.

Updated Easy-to-use Email Interface
The New and Improved Report Builder

What’s the Benefit of Using Network Tracking Software?

Unlike a CRM or Relationship Management tool, PARTNER CPRM (Community Partner Relationship Management) explicitly maps the connections between your partners using network science methods so you can begin strategically leveraging and strengthening your network. Here are three of the most common benefits of using PARTNER we hear from our clients and community partners.

Map your network visually and identify key players and stakeholders.

Simply visualizing your network and your place in it provides immense value to all network leaders. By layering data like trust, value, power, and influence with network centrality measures, you can begin identifying key partners, information brokers, influencers, and other important stakeholders.

Demonstrate the impact of your relationship-building efforts.

Many organizations face demands to collaborate and work with other community stakeholders but struggle to demonstrate their network weaving work. PARTNER maps and reports are powerful tools for showing the impact of your relationship-building effort in terms of new partnerships, growing trust, greater integration, and improved collaboration.

Identify gaps and opportunities to build a network strategy.

All networks have room for growth. PARTNER CPRM data is an innovative tool for quality improvement and network strategy development. By identifying the gaps between your network and where you want it to be in the future, your team can develop a data-driven strategy to reduce redundancy and strengthen resiliency in your network of community partners.

Click here to read more about the benefits of using PARTNER CPRM.

The new and improved Network Analyzer

Learn more about a Grab and Go Subscription Today!

Want to see the new platform in action or get your specific questions answered? Reach out to our team to set up a PARTNER CPRM web demo or a complimentary Discovery Call. We can help you learn more about what a Grab and Go Package could do for your organization and network of community partners.

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