VNL Recognized by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune for our COVID-19 Research


Denver, CO (February 11, 2020) – Visible Network Labs was highlighted by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune twice for our new study exploring clinical-to-community referrals during the COVID-19 Pandemic. They write, “the duo of researchers is setting out on a lofty mission to try and gauge how capable the area’s social service organizations are at helping the increased number of people that hospitals and medical care providers are referring to nonprofits to get the resources they need.”

The article includes quotes from Dr. Kameron Hodgens at the Glasser/Schoenbaum Human Services Center, and Dr. Danielle Varda from Visible Network Labs. Dr. Varda said “

“The idea that we can just send more people out into the community and the community of nonprofits will just absorb them and it will all go well, it is a huge question that needs to be addressed,” Varda said.

“Are we sending people into a black hole? Are we sending them to actual, real, high-quality services that can meet their needs?” Varda said.

The paper addressed the study in a second Editorial Board article here, celebrating its value to the nonprofit community in Saratoga. They wrote that “its information will help Sarasota’s social services organizations identify which strands in the community’s safety net have become frayed by the pandemic’s toll – and also shine a light on the areas that have held up well because of the many partnerships and collaborative efforts that currently exist among our nonprofits.”

To learn more about this research, visit our project partnership page here, or read the official project press release from Systems for Action National Coordinating Center below.

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