Tools for Partners to Collaborate Online

Tools for Partners to Collaborate Online | Our 9 Favorites

In this age of social distancing, it’s harder and harder to work with partners in our networks to reach common goals. We’ve found great success from a number of tools for partners to collaborate online. Some are community platforms, others help with communication or project management, but they’re all extremely valuable tools for networks. Here’s our 9 favorite recommendations to consider.

Tools for Partners to Collaborate Online


1) Slack

Slack is one of the most well-known Apps on this list, but it has earned its place at the top of the list. With tens of millions of users, a clean interface and core communication functions, it’s among the easiest ways to bring a group of partners together for better communication. The ability to create channels further allows you to customize the way your network talks to each other. Visit their website for more information here

2) Asana

Asana is a project management that we’ve used here at Visible Network Labs in the past. It’s powerful software that comes with a robust free version perfect for informal networks looking to track their meetings, projects and events in a place where everyone can access things. Paid plans for larger, more formal groups provide more features and options to explore. Visit their website here for more info.

3) Facebook/LinkedIn Groups

These traditional social media web sites often get overlooked, but they are a good fit for many networks and partners. Create a group to communicate, share files and resources and manage events together in a public or private space. If you’re looking for something simple that doesn’t require people to create a new account, this may be your best option to start.

4) Miro

This App is a really fun program that facilitators will love. Miro is like a virtual whiteboard space that you and your partners can collaborate on together in real-time. Use it for brainstorming sessions, creating workflows and goals, or doodling during casual hours. Their free trial grants you three boards to use, while a paid account provides unlimited. Click here to learn more.

5) Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is the first true community platform on this list. You can create a custom branded virtual space for members to join, share content, engage in virtual events, create sub-groups and more. With a built-in online course system, it’s perfect for groups engaged in knowledge sharing and dissemination. Their free plan is a great way to start, but the real power comes with their $23/month Community Plan. Click here to see more.

6) Hive

Hive is one of the more up and coming collaboration and project management platforms in the market. It provides robust, extra features like a form builder to collect external info, and a DM communication system that makes it great for teams. At $16/user, this would get expensive for large networks, but is a good option for small networks or key players to use. Click here to learn more.

7) Google Drive & Docs

This well known option is still the standard for creating and collaborating on documents online. If your network is working with shared documents, powerpoints and spreadsheets, or constantly sharing files, Google Drive & Docs is your solution. Many of the key features are totally free and makes sharing and co-creating far more seamless. Learn more on their page here.


We’d be remiss if didn’t mention the new PARTNER CPRM – a community partner relationship management system! Use our PARTNER method to build collaborative strategies, track your collaboration over time and adapt your plans accordingly all with one tool. Our online interface has gottten a big update this year, if you haven’t seen it recently I highly recommend it! Click here to learn more.

9) Remo

Last but not least, Remo is a fun way to create virtual events that feel like an in-person conference. Create a conference-room feel with tables for 4-6 attendees that interact using Zoom breakout meetings. Come together for large sessions in presentation mode, access group whiteboards and chat features and more. Click here for more info.

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About the Author: Alex Derr, M.P.A.

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