Hospital Interaction and Investment in Public Health Systems: A Conceptual Study

Hospital Interaction and Investment in Public Health Systems

Background: Health care reform has resulted in changes throughout the health system, including the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and IRS requirements that nonprofit hospitals conduct community health needs assessments and develop implementation plans to guide greater investment in their respective communities. This has led to questions of which factors influence hospital interaction and investment in PH systems. This paper explore Hospital Interaction and Investment in Public Health Systems.

Purpose: This paper presents a comprehensive framework, informed by a literature review and expert panel that introduces hypothesized factors related to these outcomes.

Methods: To develop a conceptual framework that identifies hypothesized indicators of increased hospital interaction and investment in PH systems, we completed a thorough and iterative review and coding of the literature. We drafted a first version of the conceptual model and convened an expert panel (n=9) to review, further narrow, and refine the conceptual model of indicators.

Results: The finalized conceptual framework includes four primary categories: Community Demographics, Legal/Policy Environment, Market Conditions, and the Public Health and Hospital Organization and Systems. Detailed subcategories are included within each category. While we generally hypothesize that these factors determine the extent to which a hospital will interact and invest in PH systems, we indicate only their relational characteristics, not the direction in which these factors are specified.

Implications: Ongoing work will test components of the framework utilizing four published datasets. This paper presents the framework to guide future research and funding priorities in the field when it comes to Hospital Interaction and Investment in Public Health Systems.

Keywords: community investment, hospital partnerships, public health partnerships, Hospital Interaction and Investment in Public Health Systems

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