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We’ve done a lot of research and written many papers over our decades of time studying networks. Topics range from network governance and communication to network trust and strategies. Here are all our peer-reviewed articles and other scientific papers free to read and use for non-commercial purposes. Check back for new network science research – we’re always publishing new findings and sharing new papers!

Structural Holes and Networks

The theory of structural holes and networks suggests that intentional leaving gaps between members of a network provides certain key advantages. Tightly interconnected networks are full of redundant information –…

The Strength of Weak Ties

The Strength of Weak Ties was one of the most important network science theories in existence. In 1973, Mark Granovetter wrote his landmark paper studying how people get jobs through…

How to Identify Success Among Networks that Promote Active Living

Objectives. We evaluated organization- and network-level factors that influence organizations’ perceived success. This is important for managing interorganizational networks, which can mobilize communities to address complex health issues such as…

Patterns in PARTNERing across Public Health Collaboratives

Abstract: Inter-organizational networks represent one of the most promising practice-based approaches in public health as a way to attain resources, share knowledge, and, in turn, improve population health outcomes. However,…

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You can also visit our PARTNER Research & Evaluation Example Page to see a few dozen examples of third party studies and evaluations conducted using our tools and software. Network analysis provides a powerful lens for improving collaboration and networking.

We follow a number of peer-reviewed journals to inform and advance our work. Here’s a list of some of the sources we recommend related to network science, public health, collaboration and social impact.

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