Webinar: A Network Approach to Fostering Empowerment, Leadership & Innovation within Public Sector Agencies

As the pace of change accelerates globally, institutions designed to function in simpler times are strained. As task complexities increase, budgets are being simultaneously trimmed and public sector employees are increasingly taking on more work. Often this tendency to “do more with less” comes at the cost of work-life balance, workplace satisfaction, and morale, which can causes recruitment and retention problems for agencies.

What is the role of networks in this situation? The Dual System approach, introduced by John Kotter, melds the efficiency and productivity of a hierarchy with the flexibility and agility of a network. The National Park System’s (NPS) Innovative Leadership Network (ILN) exists to connect dispersed employees, provide a forum for open communications and interaction regardless of rank or tenure, and offers leadership and personal empowerment opportunities to its members. ILN helps drive creativity and innovation through a diverse network of employees working on the ground in their park units. In doing so, it benefits both employees and the organization and can lead to a better workplace for all.

During this webinar learn about: How NPS developed and integrated a grassroots employee network within an established federal agency using an Employee Resource Group model. How big data/metrics are being utilized to tailor the specific mission of our network towards areas where we can be most effective and provide the most benefit to our organization. How to scale the emergent intelligence and effectiveness of small teams across a bureaucratic, geographically dispersed workforce by leveraging the power of intentional networks. The importance of effective communication across the network and throughout the agency to clarify organizational goals, garner support, share successes, and connect employees at all levels.

Presenters: Bianca Klein, Yellowstone National Park & Dylan Mroszczyk-McDonald, Acadia National Park. Webinar hosted by: Center on Network Science, University of Colorado Denver


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