Unlock Insights with Social Network Analysis through PARTNER CPRM

The complexity of social networks requires sophisticated analysis to uncover underlying patterns and opportunities. PARTNER CPRM offers state-of-the-art social network analysis tools that enable you to explore connections, identify key influencers, and optimize collaboration within your community.

Visualize and analyze your network of community partners

Our platform leverages network science methods, including centrality measures, clustering algorithms, and community detection, supported by our expert Data Science & Implementation Team. With PARTNER CPRM, you can identify gaps in collaboration, discover new avenues for partnership, and assess the effectiveness of interventions.

Why PARTNER CPRM for Social Network Analysis?

Leverage unique insights using social network analysis metrics and maps.

Define and measure what matters most to your community.

Analyze network structures, relationship quality, trust, influence, and more.

Use your results to create social network strategies for the community.

social network analysis

Social Network Analysis Case Studies

Networks for School Improvement: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Social Network Analysis

Our team is using PARTNER CPRM to assess and evaluate the Networks for School Improvement portfolio using social network analysis. We helped them identify key players, track the networks’ evolving dynamics, and provide action steps and recommendations for collaborative improvement.

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Hear from our partners:

"PARTNER CPRM does an extraordinary job visually demonstrating the collective impact of CBOs and philanthropy working together to improve quality of life in communities. PARTNER’s core principles of trust and value humanize and demystify why some cross-sector relationships are strong while others may need attention. The social network analysis provides a road map to strengthen community partnerships and maximize their effectiveness.”
Dr. Kameron Hodgens
CEO, The Glasser/Schoenbaum Human Services Center

Looking for deeper insights into your network?

With PARTNER CPRM, you have the tools to analyze your network like never before. Request a demo and let us help you discover new opportunities!