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Understanding CPRM

Understanding CPRM: A Strategic Tool for Enhancing Community Collaboration

In the realm of community collaboration, effective relationship management is crucial for achieving impactful outcomes. Inspired by Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Community Partner Relationship Management (CPRM) offers a unique approach that incorporates systems thinking, Social Network Analysis (SNA), and network science to optimize the

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Conduct an Organizational Network Analysis

How to Conduct an Organizational Network Analysis: Step-by-Step Guide

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is a transformative approach that uncovers the relationships and dynamics within and between organizations. It provides invaluable insights into how information flows, how collaborative networks are structured, and where influential nodes lie. This comprehensive guide, enriched by the principles and tools

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Network Leadership Guide

Advice for building, managing, and assessing cross-sector networks or coalitions of partners.

Ecosystem Mapping Template

A template to map the connections and interactions between key stakeholders in your community.

Network Strategy Planner

A worksheet and guide to help you think through and develop your network or ecosystem strategy.

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