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The PARTNER Platform is a robust network analysis platform that uses network science to help you see, understand, and leverage the complex connections and partnerships that affect your impact.
Three Factors for Successful Collaboration - the PARTNER Platform

The PARTNER Platform uses data to change the way we build networks.

Networks are the new normal, but they can feel complicated and in-efficient, making it hard to tell if a network approach is actually helping.
The PARTNER Platform is the first CPRM (Community Partner Relationship Management System) that uses network science to help you map and track your collaboration over time, making it easy to find efficiencies, evolve your network strategy and improve the outcomes of your work.
Program to Analyze, Record, & Track Net-works to Enhance Relationships
Whole Network Tracking

PARTNER is a CPRM (Community Partner Relationship Management System) designed to track not just how an organization interacts with its own partners, but how all of them interact with each other.

Scientifically Validated Metrics

A network map is only as good as the data that goes into it. PARTNER is built around our validated metrics, developed through decades of network science research and professional practice.

Mapping & Data Visualization

PARTNER’s robust network analyzer was built with a network science lens to help you quickly explore and leverage network connections. Use GIS Mapping for additional place-based insights.

Relation Quality Analytics

Measure the quality of partnerships and relationships within your network using our trust and value scores to identify connections that can be strengthened and improved.

ROI Tracking & Improvement

PARTNER provides numerous ways to measure your process outcomes and demonstrate collective impact. Track the return on investment from your partnerships to drive impact over time

Greater Collective Impact

A shared tracking platform provides partners transparency to reflect on and improve their collaborative processes. This is scientifically proven to lead to better group outcomes.

Integrated. Validated. Easy to use.
Lots of features to improve your strategy & impact
How does the PARTNER Platform work in practice?

Adding Method to the Madness

Every aspect of our PARTNER Platform technology is built around our innovative PARTNER Method. Firmly rooted in network science and developed through decades of professional practice, The PARTNER Method brings a strategic, data-centered approach to measuring and tracking networks over time.

Hear what our clients & partners are saying

  • VNL is an amazing team of professionals who are actively building tools, like PARTNER, that we need to measure collaboration, networks, and more. They think outside of the box, and they are an innovative partner when it comes to trying to define and measure those things that are innately challenging.


    Katie Edwards

    Executive Director, The Nonprofit Centers Networkl
  • “There’s very little data about what it takes to create effective cross-sector collaboration. What VNL does with network science and data provides real insight into what empowers multi-sector collaboration and networks to advance health in communities around the country and world.”

    Kate Kingery

    Deputy Director, County Health Rankings & Roadmaps
  • VNL and their PARTNER network data have been critical components to support County Health Rankings & Roadmaps in analyzing existing networks around the country. VNL provided important training on network science concepts, network mapping and analysis, and SDoH resource allocation within networks. We were able to align health rankings data with VNL’s analysis of inter-organizational relationships and partnerships to identify gaps for targeted outreach.

    Justin Rivas

    Network Strategist, County Health Rankings & Roadmaps
  • We have worked with VNL over the past five years, and utilized PARTNER to assess the collaborative function of community-based quality improvement learning teams. PARTNER allowed us to assess how we work together for health improvement planning and identify how we can target our efforts to optimize capacity development. The application for measuring outcomes is especially helpful in documenting the value of our work, particularly since they can be modified to meet the specific needs of the collaborative. Dr. Varda’s team is accessible and responsive to our unique education and application needs. It is a pleasure to work with Dr. Varda and her team.

    Lea Ayers LaFave, PhD, RN

    Consultant, JSI Research & Training Institute
  • Our organization used the PARTNER tool in two ways: first, to assess the level of confidence and trust community partners had for the health department, and second, to assist us in developing our strategic plan. Assessing the quality of our partnerships with other agencies and our performance level were essential in order to move forward with our vision of a developing a healthier community. Learning what our partners thought we did well in addition to what needed improvement and expansion is invaluable to our strategic planning process. Dr. Varda understood the unique needs of our organization and was able to assist us in tailoring the tool to fit our needs. The PARTNER tool was easy to use and rendered understandable, viable results

    Julia Ruschmann

    Community Projects Director, Bay County Public Health Department

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