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Community Carrying Capacity to Address Health System Referrals

Community Carrying Capacity to Address Health System Referrals: A Networked Approach

Visible Network Labs is constantly conducting new research into networks, including social connectedness, inter-organizational collaboration, cross-sector partnership, and community and public health. This new paper was introduced at the 2020 Journal of Health & Human Services Administration Symposium. As evidence emerges that health outcomes are

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How Does PARTNERme Work?

How Does PARTNERme Work? An Infographic

Social connectedness – our relationships with friends, family, neighbors and coworkers – directly influence our health and well-being. However, it’s very difficult for care providers to leverage this knowledge to improve patient care and health outcomes. PARTNERme is our solution, a person-centered network tool that

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Translating Network Data Into Actionable Insights

Translating Network Data Into Actionable Insights – September 2020 Network Leadership Webinar Translating Network Data Into Actionable Insights An organizational network analysis provides valuable information to drive your collaborative strategy and better manage your community partnerships. However the key impact comes from translating network data into actionable insights that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your

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bringing an equity lens to your coalition

Bringing an Equity Lens To Your Coalition or Network

During the Network Leadership Training Academy August Session, Abby Charles joined us to discuss how equity plays a role in coalitions and networks of partners. Whether you’re working to improve health outcomes, education opportunities, or protect the environment, bringing an equity lens to your coalition

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Sustaining Network Engagement

Sustaining Network Engagement | 5 Tips From the Field

Last winter, we conducted a survey of network leaders to identify the top issues they’re dealing with. One of the top responses was sustaining network engagement: keeping partners involved and committed to their participation in the network over the long-term. It’s typical for engagement to

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Health System Patient Referrals for Unmet Social Needs

Health System Patient Referrals for Unmet Social Needs: Exploring the Capacity of Community-Based Organizations to Absorb Them

We conducted this research to better understand the capacity of community organizations to abosrb health system patient referrals for unmet social needs. This study examines the perspectives, resources, role and services provided by community-based organisations (CBOs) in response to the integration of health and social

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