Evaluating the Rock County Public Health Network of Community Partners

November 2022 – June 2023 // Wisconsin Project // PARTNER CPRM Project

Rock County Public Health (RCPH) is establishing an evaluation of the network of community organizations and stakeholders that work toward improving population health outcomes in Rock County, Wisconsin.

RCPH is committed to cross-sector collaboration and supporting collaborative community partnerships to provide community members with the opportunity to reach their full health potential. This social network analysis will visualize their network relationships, provide insights about the ways Rock County Public Health works across community partnerships, identify opportunities for continued network development, and demonstrate the impact of RCPH’s collective efforts to their stakeholders and the community at large.

Our team will work with RCPH to implement our PARTNER CPRM to begin tracking their network of partnerships. They will be able to visualize their network, generate and share reports and profiles with their partners, and implement improvements to their collaborative community engagement strategy. You can learn more about this project by contacting us or visiting the Rock County Public Health website.

Our Project Team

Marissa Baron

Marissa Baron

Senior Project Manager

Lea Xenakis

Lea Xenakis

Director of Research & Evaluation

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