The Platform to Analyze, Record & Track Networks to Enhance Relationships.

PARTNER is the first CPRM (Community Partner Relationship Management System). It’s our signature platform for measuring and tracking complex networks of relationships over time. PARTNER uses network science to make it easy to collect, map, and analyze meaningful network data, helping you generate actionable insights to inform your collaborative strategy, and ultimately improve the outcomes of your work.

Benefits of Using a CPRM:
  1. Simple management of complex systems
  2. Improved resource allocation toward partnership building
  3. Network mapping to quickly see connections and leverage points
  4. Relational analytics and data visualization
  5. Collective transparency of interrelationships among members of a ecosystem
  6. Tracking and improvement of ROI of network building efforts
  7. Greater collective impact
Features of the PARTNER CPRM:
  • A choice of data portals that make tracking connections simple to capture
    • Staff can enter and track their ongoing relationships with partners
    • Partners can enter and track their ongoing relationships with each other
  • Member lookup features to focus on one member at a time
  • Analytics to explore relationships between members
  • Network mapping to see the web of connections, identify gaps, or leverage existing relationships
  • GIS mapping to explore place-based relational data
  • Advanced analytics to track networks over time, or compare whole networks to each other
  • Automated reporting for communication and dissemination
  • Insights based in network science to inform strategies and simplify ecosystem building

Who uses PARTNER?

PARTNER is for organizations who work with others in a network or ecosystem to achieve collaborative goals. These networks can consist of other organizations, individuals, or both, and the connections can be formal or informal. 

  • Health Systems

who need to track the ecosystem of healthcare, public health, governmental, and social service providers in a community to provide whole person care.

  • Clinical & Social Service Providers

who screen patients/clients on social determinants of health, including social connectedness.

  • Governmental Affairs Departments

who need to track the ecosystem of people and organizations that influence policy and legislative actions.

  • Foundations

who fund multiple strategies that are based on collaborative approaches to solving big social problems.

  • Public Health Departments

who have strategies to coordinate community agencies and organizations to address community and population health issues.

  • Local & National Organizations

who support ecosystem building efforts to support a specific population or cause.

  • Research Centers & Evaluators

who are hired to track the progress and health of a specific collaborative strategy.

Meet some of our customers!
  • VNL is an amazing team of professionals who are actively building tools, like PARTNER, that we need to measure collaboration, networks, and more. They think outside of the box, and they are an innovative partner when it comes to trying to define and measure those things that are innately challenging.

    Katie Edwards

    Executive Director, Nonprofit Centers Nework
  • VNL is an essential partner in the field of public health, where we rely on the strength of partnerships and networks to build our capacity and build innovative approaches to health. We are constantly being asked to measure the impact of our work, without VNL and PARTNER we wouldn’t be able to measure or justify the need for partnership.

    Sarah Marie Ridder Lampe

    CEO, Trailhead Institute
  • PARTNER has become a valuable tool for me because it measures important aspects of organizational relationships that help me understand what does and does not work well in partnerships. It’s also a great tool because it is easy to modify and implement in community-based settings.  The VNL staff are not only expert social network analysts, but they are very attentive and easy to work with. I can’t imagine studying these types of relationships without them.

    Malcolm Williams, Ph.D.

    Senior Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation

How to buy the PARTNER CPRM:

Companies/organizations subscribe to use the PARTNER CPRM to maintain a network data tracking and analysis system, open to users with access to visualize the tracked network, utilize comprehensive analytics, lookup individual network member profiles, and generate reports. Features unique to the CPRM are data tracking over time, customizable reports, and public access options.  For a startup fee, VNL’s data science experts and engineering team will work with you to ensure your system is set up to collect the right data to give you the insights you need. To get a pricing quote, contact

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