How PARTNER revolutionizes contact tracing

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Contact tracing is a critical part of maintaining public health as we reduce widespread self-isolation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. PARTNER is a data-tracking platform that significantly improves our ability to collect, analyze and respond to contact tracing data. PARTNER uses network science to identify unseen hotspots, anticipate risk of spread, and inform public health decision-making in real time.

Why is PARTNER such a powerful platform for contact tracing?

  • PARTNER was made for this.

The platform is specifically designed to track extremely complex relationships between people and places in real time. It uses network science and sophisticated relational analysis to collect, map and analyze the kind of relational data we need for effective contact tracing.

  • PARTNER is a well-established data system.

Originally developed over 10 years ago, PARTNER is a highly-adopted, validated platform used by network practitioners and decision-makers around the world. The platform has been used in diverse disaster recovery efforts including pandemic surveillance, recovery networks, and disaster mitigation.

  • PARTNER uses web-based data entry.

Contact tracing data can be entered through a simple web link making it easy to collect consistent data from call-centers, in-person interviews, healthcare settings, or from home.

  • PARTNER works with other data systems.

In addition to having its own web-based screener and data collection tools, the platform can seamlessly integrate data from other systems like patient health records.

  • PARTNER can be used at scale.

The platform can handle millions of data points to simultaneously track complex contact networks at the local, state, and national levels.

How does it work?

  • Step 1

Infected patients or their interviewers fill out an online screener survey about the people and places they have had contact with over the past 14 days.

COVID Survey Group
  • Step 2

New contact network data instantly populates a centralized dashboard where contact networks can be mapped and analyzed using sophisticated relational analysis tools. 

COVID-19 Dashboard
  • Step 3

Real-time data and analysis can be efficiently translated into custom reports to inform decision making for community leaders, health professionals, and public health officials.

COVID ReportsNotifications

Who is Visible Network Labs?

At VNL we are experts in understanding complex relationships. Led by Dr. Danielle Varda, our team has spent the last 10 years using network science and technology to help people navigate the complex networks of relationships that affect their lives and work. We are deeply committed to doing everything we can to be a meaningful part of the solution as we navigate the diverse challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can read some of our team’s recent publications below, or learn more about our team here.

Publications and reports from the VNL team


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