PARTNER CPRM Platform Updates

New features for PARTNER CPRM: Sort & Filter Ecosystem Members and Improved Visualization

Our Product and Technology Teams worked hard to finish 2023 strong, with more than a dozen improvements rolled out for PARTNER CPRM during Q4. In this update, we are highlighting two of the most significant features. We will share how to access them, what they do, and how they can be leveraged by those using the platform.

1) Sort and filter ecosystem members

As you add more people and organizations to your ecosystem, your Member Library gets harder to navigate and find specific members. We identified this issue and developed a new filter features to help you filter your members by any attribute. You can also search for a member by the organization or primary contact name. 

These two features make it quick and easy to find a partner or contact when looking for specific information or details in their profile.

The filter button on the left brings up the filter interface. The toggle turns it on and off. The search bar can be used to quickly pull up a specific record.
The interface for selecting one or more attributes to filter your Member Library.
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2) Improved Network Visualization

The Network Analyzer is what makes PARTNER CPRM truly unique. We rolled out new updates this month to enhance its network visualization capabilities and streamline the mapping interface.

With these newly available improvements, It is now easier to filter and sort data, select data and response options to display, and save network maps to use in your reports.

Hear from other PARTNER CPRM users:

“Working with the team at Visible Network Labs and using their network and data science approach and tools is helping us strengthen our collective impact, align our efforts and provide greater resources to ensure that communities are equipped for the 21st century.”


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Alex Derr, MPA
Alex Derr, MPA

As Director of Marketing and Communications, Alex leads our website content creation, as part of his overall role creating and implementing our marketing and communications strategy. With real-world experience building and leading cross-sector coalitions for policy change, Alex focuses on helping others leverage network science to achieve more together.

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