PARTNER is a suite of organizational network analysis tools.

The Platform to Analyze, Record, and Track
Networks to Enhance Relationships

The PARTNER Platform is an all-in-one software program created for conducting social network analysis. It can help you describe and visualize a network of organizations, demonstrate collaborative impact, track growth and build a strategy for improvement. It includes all the tools and features you need to evaluate collaboration between organizations. Some of its features include:

  • Respondent Management,
  • Survey Building & Customization
  • Email Alerts,
  • Network Mapping & Analysis,
  • Insights Library
  • Report-Building.
  • Collaborate easily with Project Partners
  • Automatic data-cleaning
  • Export Data Quick & Easy

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The legacy PARTNER survey and analysis tools are solidly in place, while we have expanded PARTNER’s capability to create your own survey, collect personal network data using our mobile app, and manage all your projects in a powerful online data dashboard and reporting system. The world is becoming more complex – PARTNER is helping you make sense of it all. The tool you trust, even better than before. Take a tour of all our new products below!

Data Dashboard

Data Analytics You Can Access Now

Your data are ready for you to view immediately! No need to use another program or figure out how to analyze. Immediate access to your data online or for download. And because we keep it all in one place for you, you can easily manage multiple projects share with your team, and build your own reports

Person-Centered Network App

Network Data Collection Made Easy

We make collecting network data incredibly simple. You can quickly send out a survey to your whole network using PARTNER, or use our mobile Person-Centered Network App to collect data quickly, wherever you are, when you need it.

Support to Help You Make Sense of Your Data

We know that the best part of any project is making sense of the data. But this is not always easy. In our Learning Lab, you can connect with a whole community of people doing similar work, attend trainings and webinars, and get access to our library of resources.

PARTNER Platform Pricing

With PARTNER, you can evaluate your network, analyze your data, and build and share reports for less than $150.

Purchasing Options (Find All the Options Below):
  1. Collect Data With the PARTNER Survey Builder ($50) or PCN App ($40) —> Download Your Raw Data in a Clean Excel File
  2. To analyze and map data in PARTNER, you need a $15/month subscription. Keep as long as you want to access those features.
  3. Buy VNL team time to support your projects with hourly consulting, custom reports, or attend trainings al a carte.

Data Collection Options

Network Survey Builder

Custom build your own survey, or start with our validated 18 question survey. All your data links to the data dashboards.

$50 per survey

Person-Centered Network App
Collect data with an interactive touch screen.
Includes Kids Mental Health & Social Determinants Surveys.

$40/ 20 Respondents

Data Uploader
Don't need to collect data? The uploader lets you simply upload your data from an Excel file for simple mapping. Always private.


Data Mapping, Analytics & Reporting

Monthly Analytics Subscription

View all your projects in the data dashboards. Includes network mapping with over 10 features to enhance your maps, network scores, and results from your data collection. Cancel anytime. Discounts for yearly subscriptions.

[$150 Annually]

Custom Report Builder
Never worry about capturing your maps and data points again. This user friendly report builder saves you hours of work and immediately produces the reports you need. Instant reporting, and connected to your data and insights library.

$5/Customized Image $8/Imagine & Insights

PARTNER gives you all the tools and features you need to collect, analyze, map, and interpret your network data. All your projects are privately hosted on a HIPAA compliant server, with unlimited respondents on surveys, access to your raw data, 3 ways to collect data including the only mobile app available, unlimited free data mapping, a start to finish report builder, an insights library, a free consult with all subscriptions, access to validated surveys, and so much more!

Custom PARTNER Reports

Custom Full Reports, Completed by the VNL Team
(price per report)
Custom Highlights Report, Completed by the VNL Team
(price per report)

Consulting & Evaluation Services

On-Site TA/Consultation
$1500 half day + travel costs
$3000 full day + travel costs
Hourly Consulting for
Evaluation & Research Projects
Start-To-Finish Evaluation Projects
Contact Us For More Info
Starting at $6K

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PARTNER? PARTNER is a platform to track social connectedness among people and organizations. It is an easy to use, start to finish, social network data collection and analysis tool designed to measure and monitor collaboration among people/organizations. The platform includes a data uploader, data dashboard, whole network survey builder and data collection tool, ego network survey builder and data collection tool, Insight Library, and a Report Builder. To collect data the user simply uploads a list of respondents, modifies a set of questions, and administers the survey using our online platform or mobile app. Data are immediately captured and stored in an accessible database. Users can visualize data collected within the platform or network data collected outside the platform within the data dashboard and reports are available for immediate access and analysis.

What is the PARTNER Approach? Utilizing a systems approach makes the principles of social network analysis (SNA) particularly useful to measure the strength of connections in the system, evaluate how organizations are positioned within a network, to assess the quality and impact of the exchanges among them and to identify where resources can strengthen the network. In addition, network visualizations can be displayed to illustrate partners and the links between them. From a science perspective, SNA provides a mathematical approach to measure the connections between members of a network, as a tool to indicate patterns. When this science is translated into practice, community-based networks of cross-sector partners can use the data for evidence-based strategies and action steps, and to document progress over time. PARTNER is a social network analysis tool used in over 2500 communities in all 50 states and over 40 countries, to help networks identify needs, leverage resources efficiently, evaluate the strength (and gaps) among member relationships, and ensure that networks have the capacity to address the needs of their community. 

How can social network analysis be useful in practice? Bringing cross-sector partners together to create coordinated, efficient networks is widely accepted today as best practice in system-building efforts. In addition, funders are requiring evidence of collaboration before awarding and providing funds for program activity. Yet, there is a shortage of guidance on how to do so without further overburdening an already stressed system. The idea that successful networks must increase the number of partners and meetings can overwhelm the effort. Alternatively, identifying measures of partnership that include looking at the quality of relationships, the exchange between member organizations, and various options for “networking” can help networks manage relationship budgets (i.e., the time and resources spent managing relationships in order to achieve the collaborative’s goals).

What metrics can I compute with PARTNER? PARTNER allows you to compute a range of powerful metrics. All paid plans include the ability to calculate both basic metrics such as In Degree, Out Degree, Total Degree, and Density. When you use the PARTNER Default Survey you get an additional 10 advanced metrics including Whole Network Overall Value Score, Whole Network Overall Trust Score, Individual Overall Value Score, Individual Power/Influence Score, Individual Level of Involvement Score, Individual Resource Contribution Score, Individual Overall Trust Score, Individual Reliability Score, Individual Mission Congruence Score, and Individual Open to Discussion Score.

How do I get started immediately? Simply register for an account, verify your email and login. You can immediately start to play around with our Sandbox Data in the Data Dashboards or upload your own data to visualize. Every new user has access to one free survey builder survey and access to the Social Determinants of Health survey with the PCN App for three respondents. 

What are the commitments? Can I cancel at any time? There are no commitments. You are downgrade or cancel your subscriptions at any time. You will always have access to your raw data. If you want access to view your data in the Data Dashboards you will need to have at least a Basic subscription plan. How long can I access networks and surveys for? If you want access to view your data in the Data Dashboards you will need to have at least a Basic subscription plan. You will always have access to your raw data if you cancel your subscription. Raw data exports into a csv file. 

I’m an evaluator or a consultant, can I use PARTNER? Yes! PARTNER is used by practitioners and evaluators alike. If you would like to use PARTNER as part of your own professional services offering please contact us to learn about our PARTNER Evaluator Program. Where do you store / process data? Visible Network Labs is located in Denver, Colorado, United States of America. All communication between your browser and our servers is encrypted over HTTPS. Data is recorded into a MySQL database running on a password protected HIPAA-compliant Google Compute Engine server located in the United States. The data is only accessible through the visiblenetworklabs.com web interface and requires a valid login. The web interface has a valid SSL certificate so that no clear text data will be transmitted. You can find more information in our Security Policy. You can also read our Privacy Policy and our End User License Agreement. 

What should I do if I still have questions or run into any issues? Please get in touch with us and send us a message at partnertool@visiblenetworklabs.com.


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