PARTNER CPRM Comparative Reports

- $4,200 per Custom Report -

Comparative Reports analyze two different networks or one network at two points in time to identify similarities, differences, changes, and growth over time. They are perfect for understanding how your network and system is changing and whether you are getting closer to your ideal network. 

Comparative Reports are usually 40+ pages and include the following:

  • Comparisons of your network maps and key players in each network.
  • Graphics and charts comparing your network quality scores.
  • Summary statistics about the makeup and diversity of both networks.
  • Potential Action Steps and questions to consider to guide your strategy.

Our Comparative Reports are for PARTNER users and their community partners to use and leverage. Review a sample Comparative Report below, order a report online, or contact our team to learn more.

Sample PARTNER CPRM Comparative Report

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