Highlighting Our Work for NAPCRG’s 50th Annual Meeting

At Visible Network Labs, we work closely with organizations to map, track, and visualize their networks. We’ve collaborated with non-profits, government agencies, and private entities.

In April 2022, in recognition of its 50th Anniversary and Conference, we worked with NAPCRG to conduct a survey that illustrated the progression, growth, and impact of its professional network over time, and identify and foster opportunities for continued development. We’re proud to be the Premier Partner of the 50th Annual Conference, and to assist the organization and their members make their network visible as they gather, share ideas, and celebrate in Phoenix, Arizona.

NAPCRG’s Network Survey was prepared by our Data Science team using our proprietary Community Partner Relationship Management platform, PARTNER CPRM. Our Data Science team uses PARTNER CPRM daily in our work to map, track, and visualize networks.

PARTNER CPRM can help your organization understand and galvanize its network like no other product. Contact our team to schedule a web demo today to see the power of PARTNER CPRM.

We’ve also been featuring our PARTNERme platform while at NAPCRG. PARTNERme empowers a provider to visualize crucial information about a person’s social support network and needs, and how those relationships impact their health and well-being.

Scroll down to view NAPCRG’s Network Survey Report for their 2022 50th Annual Conference.

To download a PDF copy of the Network Survey Report, click the icon of two arrows on the top right corner of the viewer, and select Download from the drop down menu.

Better Support Those You Serve with PARTNERme

PARTNERme assists providers to identify and address an individual's social needs - helping strengthen care outcomes and create approaches to social determinants of health, social connectedness, and mental and behavorial health. Contact our team for a free virtual demonstration!

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