Evaluating and Mapping the Keeping Forests Coalition of Conservation Partners

May 2023 – Ongoing // Colorado // PARTNER CPRM Project

Keeping Forests is a vital organization working to protect the forests of the South. We are committed to working with landowners, forest managers, and the public to ensure that forests are conserved for future generations.

Keeping Forests, a remarkable public-private partnership client of ours, is making strides in preserving forests in the Southeast region of the United States. This initiative covers a 13-state region that stretches from Virginia to Oklahoma and across Texas. It operates within a politically and demographically diverse regional system, which includes 530 million acres of land, of which 240 million are forest lands. Keeping Forests employs market-based solutions to conservation, proving effective and sustainable within this vast and varied terrain.

A key strategic priority for Keeping Forests in 2023 is the development of a Social Network Analysis. This innovative tool enables users to visualize the connections between different entities that impact the organization’s ability to achieve shared conservation outcomes in the South. The projected outcome of this initiative is a web-based, living network map designed to fortify collaboration at both regional and sub-regional scales. This will significantly improve strategies to address priority issues and geographic locations.

This project not only highlights the depth of Keeping Forests’ commitment to conservation but also the innovative approaches they are employing to achieve their objectives while adopting a collaborative network strategy.


Our Project Team

Lea Xenakis, M.P.A

Director of Research & Evaluation

Sara sprong, m.p.a

VP of Data Science and implementation

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