Example PARTNER Reports

PARTNER CPRM users can select from a number of PARTNER Report options to disseminate and share their findings and visualizations. We provide several custom reporting options to meet various case uses. Contact our team to learn more about which report is best suited for your needs. You can find examples of each of our report options below as well.

Full Report

A Full Report is a complete review of all your network data. With 35+ pages, including numerous visualizations and graphics, it is ideal for quality improvement and strategic planning purposes. 

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Highlights Report

Each Highlights Report shares your PARTNER data’s most important results and insights. It is a great tool for demonstrating your collaborative impact to stakeholders and partners.

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Comparative Report

Comparative Reports analyze the differences between two different networks – or one network at two points in time. They can show changes over time or compare performance across networks.

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Subnetwork Report

Subnetwork Reports focus on particular sub-groups within the larger network, like those from a specific sector or focus area. They provide a more detailed, ‘close-up’ analysis of particular groups of interest.

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Network Member Profiles

You can create a Network Member Profile for each of your community partners. Each includes all of their data and key network maps – a valuable resource to share with them for reporting impact and strategic planning uses. They are great for creating engagement and excitement around your project.

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Social Care Plans

PARTNERme creates a customized Social Care Plan for each individual who takes the social health assessment. It includes information about their social support network, social needs, and referrals to relevant community resources for their most pressing need with the least amount of social support.

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