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PARTNER continues to grow with the addition of our newest feature: Member Profiles! This exciting new tool allows you to focus in on specific members of your network, viewing all their network maps and data on a single page for easy analysis. You can download and share profiles quickly to use them in the field or share them with network members and partners. For our PARTNERme clients, member profiles share each patient’s social connectedness information, identified needs, and appropriate resource referrals. Learn more about this exciting tool and how it works below.

What is a Member Profile?

Member Profiles can be accessed by clicking on a network member in your project, opening a new page. The top section of the profile includes key information, including the primary contact name, contact information, and an image. You can navigate the profile sections using the links at the top. To share a specific member profile click “Save as PDF” at the top right to get a digital file you can email, or print it out to use and share in-person. 

The biggest advantage of the member profiles is the ability to easily create and analyze ego-networks – the network of individuals or organizations directly connected to the member you’re reviewing. This provides a snapshot of each individual member’s connectivity in the network, allowing you to see instantly who they’re connected to, and where there are gaps. You can use member profiles in both CPRM and PARTNERme projects to generate insights. Here’s an example for each use case.

Using Member Profiles with a CPRM

Currently, all PARTNER users have trial access to use member profiles, which will soon become a premium PARTNER Add-on. To test the feature while you have access to open a project in PARTNER, navigate to the Members page, and click the organization name of one of your network members. For those managing a network of community partners, member profiles have numerous benefits.

Profiles can be downloaded in advance of community meetings or gatherings to give you a quick-reference guide to each partner and their place in the network. This can help guide your efforts to build new relationships, leverage existing contacts, and avoid creating redundant partnerships. 

You can also share your profile with partners to use themselves as a map of their network. This can be a powerful tool for engaging them in the network tracking process and provide a tangible resource and benefit to drive involvement in future surveys and projects. It’s also helpful for demonstrating an organization’s connectedness to community members, funders, and other key stakeholders.

Using Member Profiles with PARTNERme

Member profiles allow PARTNERme users to instantly create social connectedness reports for those they screen. By clicking a patient’s name, you can view their support network, social needs, connectedness scores, and resource referrals. The profile can also be saved as a PDF for the provider to review, or to create a resource referral guide for the patient’s unmet social needs. This can be printed out and given to the patient at the end of their visit, emailed to them after the visit, or both. With the insight and data contained in each Member Profile, providers have the guidance necessary to intervene and improve their social connectedness to improve their health and well-being.

Add Customization to your Package for Personalized Profiles

For an additional fee, Member Profiles can be customized to meet your exact needs, displaying the specific network maps and information you are most interested in. This increases the value of your Member Profiles even further, allowing you to give community partners or those you serve the specific information they need, and removing the details they’re not interested in. You can create multiple types of templates to create profiles for different types of stakeholders. Reach out to our team to learn more about getting a custom profile.

How to Get Started Using Member Profiles: Get in Touch!

Member profiles are one of the most exciting new features to come to PARTNER in many years! It fundamentally changes the way you can leverage and explore your network data, increasing the value of PARTNER exponentially to our clients and partners. To learn more about using Member profiles as a current PARTNER user, or to explore using the platform in the future, click below to contact our team and set up a quick intro call to get started. We look forward to connecting!

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