Alena Lidey, MPH

Senior Project Manager

Alena earned her Bachelor of Science in Planning, Public Policy and Management with an emphasis in Public Health from the University of Oregon. She has served on her local county’s Emergency Covid Isolation and Quarantine Response Team addressing, coordinating, advocating for and meeting the needs of those affected by COVID-19 when it first struck the United States in the spring of 2020. Alena is a passionate advocate that wellness and health are human rights, not privileges. As a visionary, she sees a world where there is a drastic increase in the quality of care, accessibility, inclusivity and support for individuals and the community involved in the healthcare system. In her role as a Senior Project Manager for VNL, she is a voice of the customer and a bridge between the tangible and technical worlds with and within VNL. In her spare time she can be found at the beach, savoring tasty foods at new restaurants, or continuing her education in fitness and nutrition.

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