Meet the People Behind the PARTNER CPRM Grab and Go Platform

Following the launch of the new PARTNER CPRM Grab and Go package, we wanted to meet some of the VNL team members responsible for designing our improved platform. We talked with Zac Thompson, our VP of Product, Brandon Davis, our Product Manager, and Steve Stremsterfer, our UX/UI Design Manager, to get their take on the development of the streamlined interface and new, easier-to-use features. Here’s what they had to share.

Meet the VNL Product Team!

Zac Thompson

VP of Product

Zac leads the product team and provides vision to our work to guide our efforts and ensure we deliver a high-quality product to our customers and partners.

Brandon Davis

Product Owner

Brandon provides day-to-day management of our product design and build-out, closely coordinating our Product, Development, Marketing, and Data Science teams.

Steve Stremsterfer

Steve Stremsterfer

UX/UI Design Manager

Steve designs the UX and UI interfaces for our platform to help guide our developers and create an intuitive and easy to use platform.

How does it feel to be launching the new Grab and Go Package after working so hard over the past few months?

ANSWER: It feels great! It was a long road to get the product to where it is today, but it was totally worth it. We feel very strongly about our choices and think all of our users will find benefits in various ways. For instance, the new layout is designed around a simplified five-step workflow that our users will find easy to work through and implement their projects.

Updated Easy-to-use Email Interface
The New and Improved Report Builder

What were your priorities when working on the new Grab and Go interface and features? What factors were you considering and keeping top of mind during the process?

ANSWER: Simplify and streamline. We had frequent conversations about what elements were essential to launching a new survey. We picked just the most important features we knew most users wanted. From there, we set some solid defaults based on feedback from internal and external users. 

For example, the Network Analyzer is a powerful tool with many options for visualizing your network. In the Grab and Go package, we simplified the default network map, making it easy to analyze your network without digging through the view settings. You’ll now see a network map with nodes sized by centrality, one of the most insightful attributes in your data. 

What do you think/hope our Grab and Go users will get out of using the newly launched Grab and Go subscriptions? How will it make their jobs easier?

ANSWER: I hope our Grab and Go users get back something most people always need more of – time! The default settings will allow Grab and Go users to launch a survey faster than ever before, which means they can quickly collect data and analyze their network. These capabilities will save our users valuable time in their day, allowing them to focus on other important tasks and improve their productivity.

The new and improved Network Analyzer

Is there anything you want to share about the new Grab and Go interface from your perspective? Anything you learned along the way, barriers you overcame, or insights you gleaned?

ANSWER: It was challenging and exciting to take what is already a great product, re-imagine it, finesse the details and make it better than ever. We studied every aspect of the platform and made a simple, efficient user experience our highest priority. We also spent a lot of time talking to our Data Science Team to identify the measures they use most often, their best practices for survey design, and other insights that we could build directly into the new Grab and Go interface. 

If someone wants to see the new interface and features for themselves, what would you recommend is the best way to do so?

ANSWER: You have a few options for seeing the new Grab and Go Platform. We put together a short 4-minute explainer video that you can watch below. You can watch an extended 60-minute demo recording by clicking here to see more detail.

However, the best way to see the new interface and features for yourself is during a live web demo with our team. Check out our link below to request a demo and get started.

Learn more about a PARTNER CPRM Grab and Go Subscription Today!

Want to see the new platform in action or get your specific questions answered? Reach out to our team to set up a PARTNER CPRM web demo or a complimentary Discovery Call. We can help you learn more about what a Grab and Go Package could do for your organization and network of community partners.

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