VNL Is a Prime Health Innovation Challenge Semi-Finalist!

Prime Health Innovation Challenge Semi-Finalist

Earlier this year, Visible Network Labs applied for Prime Health’s annual Innovation Challenge. This 6-month program advances healthcare through technological innovation, aiming to improve health equity, access, quality, and cost for underserved communities in Colorado. As one of the nation’s most competitive health innovation challenges, we are proud to share we’ve been selected as one of their semi-finalists! Our CEO Dr. Varda sums up our reaction the best… “When we learned we made it to the semi-finals, we were excited! Just that alone has given us the motivation and a sense of confidence to keep pushing on our solutions and building a great product and company.”

It Hasn’t Been Easy, But the Support Is Already Amazing.

Getting into the semifinals for the Prime Health Innovation Challenge has been a great experience. While we knew this could be an important way to be recognized in Colorado as a viable vendor with a smart health tech solution, we did not anticipate to immediately benefit from the strength of the Prime Health ecosystem. The judges, staff, and other companies are all amazingly supportive. We have already made so many partnerships and door are opening every day, thanks to the next-level connections.

Being a part of this program has bene a great opportunity to learn about the Colorado health system and infrastructure. It’s complicated and the orientation and training from the Prime Health staff is invaluable. Getting to connect with so many people on the ground and talking through ways to implement our solution to impact health care outcomes and costs has been just what we needed to take the next step.

What’s the Next Step in the Challenge?

Semi-finalist applications are due September 4th, and we are busy making connections and building partnerships to prepare for the next round of competition. We already have three pilots in place and a handful of prospective pilots in the pipeline. We are working hard to demonstrate that we can build these partnerships, execute on them, and demonstrate value to the health system in CO. 

All competitions are tough, and this is not exception. We are up against a lot of really great solutions, outstanding teams, and strong companies. We believe in our solution to address adverse social connectedness, and we are also huge fans already of all the other companies and solutions. While competing is tough, we love all the partnership opportunities before us. We will keep our community updated on our progress as we move forward in the Challenge.

What Does This Mean for VNL & PARTNER?

VNL has a commitment to addressing adverse social connectedness with all the tools, expertise, and resources we have. Being a part of this program is giving us the energy and motivation to keep pushing to solve this problem, and is opening doors to even more opportunities. For providers who use PARTNERme, we believe they will have greater success and satisfaction in their work. For families and children who use the product, we know they will be more successful at navigating these complex systems and be connected to the resources they need the most.

Alex Derr

About the Author: Alex Derr, M.P.A.

Director of Marketing & Communications

Alex joined VNL in 2017, originally supporting our events. He now helps manages our communications and marketing strategy and content development work. Alex creates blogs, infographics, reports, and other content while managing our web and social media presence. He also runs our email marketing campaigns, tracks analytics, and conducts market research to drive our strategy. He supports our entire team with copywriting, graphic design and research, and helps with events, webinars, demos, and other online learning. When he isn’t at work Alex spends his time climbing 14ers (30 done, 28 to go!) and blogging on his own website, The Next Summit Blog.

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