New Announcements for the 2020 Network Leadership Training Academy

If you’ve attended the NLTA before, you might be amazed at how different the event will be this year! We’ve taken a digital approach to the program this year in light of the COVID-19 situation, with a 6-month cohort learning structure. Here are some new info and updates about the 8th annual Network Leadership Training Academy!

A New Virtual Format in the Age of COVID-19.

In past years the NLTA was a three-day, face to face conference here in Denver, Colorado. To help keep our attendees and speakers well, we’ve transitioned to a virtual format this year. In addition, instead of 3 consecutive days, we’re stretching out the training to last six month as a series of monthly two-hour online sessions.

Six Sessions, Six Unique Topics

Each of our six sessions focuses on one aspect of building, managing and evaluating networks. To start, our first focuses on thinking like a network scientist and approaching network leadership using this unique lens. We then explore co-creating networks, and management issues like equity & representation and overcoming challenges. Finally our last sessions dig into learning from data, telling your story, and translating data into action steps for the future.

Meet our Speakers & Presenters

We have a five-star slate of speakers presenting at this years conference! With a mix of network scientists, thinkers and practitioners, you’ll get a chance to learn from cutting edge research as well as experienced network leaders in the field. Click here to read more about all these amazing speakers in detail.

NLTA Speakers

What Will Each Session Include?

The Network Leadership Training Academy isn’t just a webinar. Each session will begin with a guest presentation and a group Q&A discussion. Then well have several breakout sessions and activities to work on and develop skills related to the month’s topic. Between sessions there are opportunities to share resources and continue discussions with your peers and speakers to keep the peer learning going!

More Than 500 Proud Alumni

We’ve got hundreds of NLTA alumni. Here are what some of them thought about their experience in previous years. Click here to learn more or register for the program.

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