Contact Tracing Software: 5 Reasons PARTNER is so Powerful

Contact Tracing Software

Contact tracing isn’t easy – as our public health officials work to train an army of contact tracers, they need the right tools to do the job efficiently and effectively. As network scientists, we knew we could help fill the tech gap to help. We adapted our PARTNER Platform to create contact tracing software uniquely suited for this situation. Here’s why PARTNER is so powerful in this critical time.

Our contact tracing software was made for this.

Our platform was designed to track complex relationships between people, organizations and places. Using network science and sophisticated relational analysis, it allows users to collect, map & analyze contact data in a way that maximizes insight while being easy to use.

It’s a well-established system trusted in Public Health.

Originally developed more than a decade ago, PARTNER has been employed by dozens of public health agencies and nonprofits to improve their work. Our team works closely with the public health community, and have studied social network analysis in emergency and crisis management for years. These relationships help us better meet the needs of our public health leaders and create technology that works as they need it to.

We use web-based data entry.

Whether you’re running a large-scale contact tracing operation with call centers, or a small operation from a public health department, our web-based system means PARTNER is always accessible. Collect data using an easy online screening tool using a computer, tablet or phone safely and securely.

Our contact tracing software can be used at scale.

Our system can combine millions of contacts to identify connections and outbreaks across cities, regions and countries. You’ll be able to simultaneously manage numerous outbreaks in real-time, adding more data as you go.

PARTNER works with other data systems.

Integrate data from other systems, like health records or public health information to increase your analytic abilities. Export data in spreadsheets to use other programs or share with others. Add collaborators to share access with other departments, staff, or organizations.

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