The reach, effectiveness, adoption, implementation, and maintenance (RE-AIM) framework has been widely used for translational research. We used social network analysis (SNA) to explore how innovative research frameworks, such as RE-AIM, have diffused over time in academic literature. A structured literature review was conducted on RE-AIM between 1999 and 2012. SNA indices of degree score, betweenness, centrality, and authorship ties were used to examine use of RE-AIM. Use of RE-AIM has grown since its inception and spread from a few research centers to use internationally. Investigation of co-authorship revealed many have published on RE-AIM, but a much smaller core of RE-AIM researchers have published together two or more times. SNA revealed how the RE-AIM framework has been used over time and identified areas to further expand use of the framework. SNA can be useful to understand how research frameworks diffuse over time.

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