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As a Start Up, Becoming a Social Enterprise Has Been A Journey!

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources Taking the road less traveled. The decision on what kind of organizational entity to become is far more challenging than we ever assumed when we set up Visible Network Labs. The choices seem straightforward…either you are a business, nonprofit,

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Social Connectedness as a Social Determinant of Health

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources Sometimes, in the middle of talking to someone, I start to wonder about their social support networks…”does he have someone to call when he needs to talk?” and “would she have the support she needed after surgery?” I’ll be

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Creating a Data-Driven Network Strategy

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources Working with networks and partnerships is difficult. Most of us working with cross-sector community networks are relatively new to the field. As an evolving area of practice, there’s still a shortage of resources out there to help you do

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Top 10 Tips for Launching your PARTNER Survey

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources As the product manager of the PARTNER tool, I field a lot of questions about how to launch the surveys. From simple questions about how to find resources, to more complex situations like how to deal with changes after

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Top Five Network Leadership Resources

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources As more and more organizations partner together to share resources and increase their impact, we are witnessing the development of an entirely new field, which we like to call “Network Leadership”. Unlike traditional leadership which relies on hierarchies and

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3 Mantras + 3 Small Moves for Advancing Networks

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources Last fall I was back home in Michigan to do a presentation and discussion with representatives from a number of inspiring networks focused on local food production, food access and public health. I was invited by my gracious hosts

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Four Tips to Facilitate a Great Network Gathering

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources In September 2018, Visible Network Labs hosted its first ever two-day Network Leadership Workshop: How to Lead, Manage, and Problem Solve in Cross-Sector Community Network. As a spin off from our flagship training program, the annual three-day Network Leadership

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Why We Trust Some Leaders: 5 Key Traits for Trust

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources Like most forms of leadership, trust is the foundation of network leadership. In fact it’s particularly important for collaborative situations, where leaders usually cannot claim formal authority, and rely on voluntary agreements for resources and decision-making. When trust in

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What is Network Leadership?

Network leadership (or what I call network weaving) looks like a rhizome. If you have a patch of bamboo in your yard, you know how hard it is to get rid of. If you chop down a stalk, in a few days a new shoot

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Most of our blogs articles relate back to the five step of our PARTNER method for designing and adapting data-driven network strategies. From shifting your mindset and creating strategy, to collecting and analyzing data, we help in the blog. 

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