Drive Strategic Decisions with PARTNER CPRM's Data-Driven Insights

Effective network strategy requires real-time insights that guide resource allocation, alignment, and collaboration. PARTNER CPRM offers data-driven tools that provide real-time network data on community connections, interactions, trends, and more.

Create a data-driven network strategy to achieve more together

Our platform empowers you to optimize resource allocation, improve communication across partners, identify opportunities for collaboration, and design targeted interventions. With advanced analytics, mapping tools, and customizable reports, you’ll have everything you need to drive strategic decisions tailored to your unique community context.

Why PARTNER CPRM for Network Strategy Development?

Access up-to-date data for informed decision-making.

Visualize connections and trends across your network.

Generate reports that speak to your unique needs.

Receive ongoing support from our dedicated team of network scientists.

Network Strategy

Network Strategy Case Studies

Building a Network Strategy to Improve Community Health with CHR&R

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps used PARTNER to map their engagement with communities and create a network strategy to guide their partnership development and management to maximize their collaborative advantage and impact on community health outcomes.

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Hear from our partners:

"VNL and their PARTNER network data have been critical components to support County Health Rankings & Roadmaps in analyzing existing networks around the country. VNL provided important training on network science concepts, network mapping and analysis, and SDoH resource allocation within networks. We were able to align health rankings data with VNL’s analysis of inter-organizational relationships and partnerships to identify gaps for targeted outreach."
Justin Rivas
Network Strategist, County Health Rankings & Roadmaps

Ready to drive strategic decisions with confidence?

PARTNER CPRM’s network strategy tools put data-driven insights at your fingertips. Request a demo and let’s chart a path to success together!