Measure and Showcase Collective Impact with PARTNER CPRM

Demonstrating the tangible impact of initiatives is paramount but can be fraught with challenges. PARTNER CPRM offers comprehensive tools to assess community changes, relationship quality, and social improvements. With our platform, you can define your impact metrics, collect data through tailored surveys, analyze results through interactive dashboards, and communicate your achievements.

Visualize, measure, and demonstrate your collaborative impact.

Whether you’re focusing on healthcare connections, philanthropic efforts, social change, or economic development, PARTNER CPRM allows you to measure, analyze, and showcase your impact with unparalleled precision.

Why PARTNER CPRM for Impact Measurement?

Define and track what matters most to your mission.

Gather community insights through tailored surveys and forms.

Dive into network data with interactive dashboards and maps.

Share your impact with stakeholders and the public.

Impact Measurement

Impact Measurement Case Studies

Glasser/Schoenbaum Human Services Center.

Demonstrating the Shared Impact of the Glasser- Schoenbaum Human Services Center

The Center used PARTNER CPRM to visualize their community connections and measure and demonstrate the scale of their shared impact on the community through their collaboration with their network of community partners.

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Hear from our partners:

"The visual network diagrams are powerful! Once the shapes, colors and lines are explained to our partners, funders and donors, you could literally see their faces brighten with interest and intrigue. Subsequent productive questions abound! The document I used the most is the spreadsheet that displays our connectivity, trust, and value scores all together. Such a powerful tool!"
Dr. Kameron Hodgens
CEO, The Glasser/Schoenbaum Human Services Center

Ready to demonstrate the real value of your shared efforts?

PARTNER CPRM’s impact measurement tools are designed to help you tell your story. Request a demo and let’s start measuring your success together!