Map Your Community's Ecosystem with PARTNER CPRM

Understanding the broader community ecosystem is key to targeted interventions and strategic planning. PARTNER CPRM’s GIS mapping capabilities allow you to visualize connections on a geographic map, integrating community conditions and insights to identify place-based opportunities.

Visualize, map, and strengthen your community ecosystem

With our tools, you can align interventions with local needs, target resources effectively, and understand the spatial dynamics of your community. Whether mapping assets, services, or connections, PARTNER CPRM’s ecosystem mapping helps you foster more effective and resonant solutions within your community.

Why PARTNER CPRM for Ecosystem Mapping?

Map ecosystems with interactive and easy-to-use tools.

Align resources and strategies with local needs.

Visualize connections and interactions on geographical maps.

Adapt mapping features to your specific goals with help from our experts.

ecosystem mapping

Ecosystem Mapping Case Studies

Mapping and Strengthening the Keeping Forest Coalition Ecosystem of Partners

Our team is using PARTNER CPRM with the Keeping Forest Coalition to map their collaborative ecosystem, identify gaps and opportunities, and inform their network strategy using a data-driven, collaborative approach.

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Hear from our partners:

Our Ecosystem Mapping initiative will help strengthen relationships, measure the value and outcomes that collaboration creates, and build bridges between gaps in our network. "Keeping Forests believes wholeheartedly that the future of conservation is collaborative. To collaborate consciously, the ecosystem map and analysis will enable us to look beyond the borders of our traditional networks. We see this as a powerful step forward to include communities impacted by forest conservation issues and identify “unlikely” partners. "
Laura Calandrella
Executive Director, Keeping Forests

Ready to understand your community like never before?

With PARTNER CPRM’s ecosystem mapping, you can visualize connections, align resources, and foster collaboration. Request a demo and let’s explore the possibilities together!