Every item is purchased when you need it, with easy data downloading after each use, or affordable access to data analysis and a mapping/visualization dashboard subscription.

Everyone who registers to use the PARTNER platform gets a free practice survey, and access to the Person-Centered Network App.

Purchasing Options (Find All the Options Below):
  1. Collect Data With the PARTNER Survey Builder ($50) or PCN App ($40) —> Download Your Raw Data in a Clean Excel File
  2. If you want to see your data in the data dashboard, access the insights library, or build reports, you will need the $15/month subscription. Keep as long as you want to access those features, quit it anytime.
  3. Buy VNL team time to support your projects, custom reports, high resolution images, or attend trainings al a carte.

Collect Network Data

Network Survey Builder

Custom build your own survey, or start with our validated 18 question survey. All your data links to the data dashboards.

$50 per survey

Person-Centered Network App
Collect data with an interactive touch screen.
Includes Kids Mental Health & Social Determinants Surveys.

$40/ 20 Respondents

Data Uploader
Don't need to collect data? The uploader lets you simply upload your data from an Excel file for simple mapping. Always private.


Make Sense of Your Data

Data Dashboards [Mapping & Analysis]

View all your projects in the data dashboards. Includes network mapping with over 10 features to enhance your maps, network scores, and results from your data collection. Cancel anytime. Discounts for yearly subscriptions.

[$150 Annually]

Report Builder
Never worry about capturing your maps and data points again. This user friendly report builder saves you hours of work and immediately produces the reports you need. Instant reporting, and connected to your data and insights library.

$5/Customized Image $8/Imagine with Text

Insights Library
& Resources
Making sense of your data is not always easy. We have compiled all the resources available in one place to provide the insight you need to understand your data, and build strategies and actions steps to strengthen your networks.

Always Free
Always Updating

  • If you are a current PARTNER Tool user, you can continue to use your Excel Based analysis tool at all times. All of your data is automatically loaded into the dashboards when register. 
  • Discounts available for nonprofits and students. Email partner@visiblenetworklabs.com from your .org or .edu email to request the discount.
  • Bulk discount rates available. See pricing options
  • High resolution images available on request. $5/image. Email partner@visiblenetworklabs.com.

Custom Report Options

Custom Full Reports, Completed by the VNL Team
(price per report)
Custom Highlights Report, Completed by the VNL Team
(price per report)

Services & Evaluation

On-Site TA/Consultation
$1500 half day + travel costs
$3000 full day + travel costs
Hourly Consulting for
Evaluation & Research Projects
Start-To-Finish Evaluation Projects
Contact Us For More Info
Starting at $6K

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