Josh Albert

Full Stack Engineer
I was born in Lowell, MA to a large middle class family with 8 children, with an insatiable curiosity about the world, and quickly became fascinated with computers. I got my first computer, an old, used Commodore 64, when I was about 12 years old, and started teaching myself how to program, and when I saw the power of iteration for the first time, I was hooked. A simple “GOTO” loop written in BASIC was all I needed to fall in love, and start writing programs. I took a number of computer science classes in high school and college, but have mostly taught myself online, and began freelancing in the early 2000s while working at the local Boy’s and Girl’s club teaching kids a wide variety of computer skills. I took somewhat of a hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic, and used that time to master new skills, read proficiently about the latest developments in artificial intelligence, and to take my time and carefully choose my next career move, which led me here! 

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Dr. Danielle Varda,
CEO & Founder

Dr. Amanda Beacom,
VP of Research & Data Science

Mike Cooper,
VP of Engineering
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Sara Sprong, M.P.A,
VP of Strategic Initiatives
Alex (3)

Alex Derr, M.P.A,
Marketing & Communications Manager
Tobie (1)

Tobie Tsuzuki,
Full Stack Engineer
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Joshua Albert,
Full Stack Engineer
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Dr. Rose Hardy,
Network Data Scientist
Andy Zheng

Andy Zheng,
Network Data Analyst
VNL Head Shot Kaley Feenstra

Kaley Bachinski, M.H.P.,
Research & Evaluation Manager
Bria Thomas

Bria Thomas
Product Manager
Lea (1)

Lea Xenakis, M.P.A.,
Director of Research and Evaluation
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Andrea Johnson,
Director of Product

Kelly Sprong,
Director of Customer Experience

Jonathan Mischke,
Brand Manager
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Tyler Funk,
Full Stack Engineer

Kāhea Hendrickson,
Full Stack Engineer
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Matthew Michal,
Technology Intern
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Isabella Spielmann,
Technology Intern

Krysta Szeto,
Technology Intern
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Josh Nikander,
Technology Intern

Malinda Mochizuki, M.P.A,
QA Specialist
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