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On May 18th, 2020, the Network Innovation Summit brought together researchers, thought leaders, practitioners and more to explore the implications of ever-increasing connection in our world. Following in June through December, our Network Leadership Training Academy monthly online sessions is sharing the skills and knowledge needed to build, manage & evaluate community networks. Sign up for our Training Updates to learn about our events and workshops for the 2021 season.

Network Leadership Training Academy

The NLTA is our annual flagship training program. Designed to provide attendees a fast-paced, hands-on program, the NLTA develops skills and knowledge needed to build, manage & evaluate cross-sector community networks. 

Spring Network Innovation Summit

The NIS is our newest event, bringing together researchers, funders and practitioners in the world of networks to explore the future together. We to ask big questions about the way technology, culture and society are changing.

Photos from the 2019 Network Leadership Training Academy

It isn't easy leading networks of partners. That's why we host our network leadership events.

There’s a shortage of good training opportunities when it comes to building, managing and evaluating networks. Topics like network governance, diversity and equity, reciprocity, value and trust require time and attention for network leaders to get it right on the ground. Join us for our Network Leadership Training Academy or another of our network leadership events to start engaging in skill development and peer-learning on this important topic.

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