Mapping the NAPCRG Network on its 50th Anniversary

March 2022 – Ongoing // International Project // PARTNER CPRM

NAPCRG is a multidisciplinary organization for primary care researchers. They support and nurture clinicians, students, teachers, and patients around the world as they pursue primary care research.

NAPCRG is one of the world’s largest organizations devoted to research in family
medicine, primary care, and related fields, including epidemiology, behavioral
sciences, and health services research. Founded in 1972 by Dr. Maurice Wood and 50 researchers from USA and Canada, NAPCRG was organized as a bi-national, inter-disciplinary, generalist organization. NAPCRG’s Annual Meeting is the premier international forum for presenting new knowledge in primary care and advances in research methodology.

In April 2022, to mark its 50th-anniversary milestone, NAPCRG decided to map the growth and impact of its professional network over time and to identify opportunities for continued development. Working with our team at Visible Network Labs, they created a network survey using PARTNER CPRM to measure the connections among their network. We produced a series of reports to visualize their results, which they will use to help chart the next 50 years of their network’s path forward.

Our Project Team

Lea Xenakis, MPA

Director of Research & Evaluation

Amanda beacom, phd

VP of research and data science

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