A Countywide Community Partnership Database:

Launching the Jefferson County, Colorado PARTNER CPRM™

Most communities have a rich collaboration ecosystem made up of cross-sector partners working collaboratively to improve social, health, and economic outcomes. However, this network of partners is invisible, making it difficult to leverage its collective resources and influence. This leads to redundant efforts, misalignment in strategies, and the inability to effectively leverage limited community resources.

To address this, in partnership with the Colorado Gives Foundation, we are excited to announce the launch of our first public-facing county community partnership database, the Jeffco PARTNER CPRM™.  This public-facing Community Partner Relationship Management platform will provide ecosystem data tracking and mapping for collective learning and insights across the entire county.

For the first time in the county, we have one common “source” to store information about the organizations that serve Jeffco residents, and the relationships among them. Read our initial reports, explore our interactive dashboards, and request more info below to engage!

What is a CPRM™? What Will It Do?

We are building an extensive and up-to-date database to include Jefferson County’s community ecosystem members. The PARTNER CPRM system is designed to track and evidence the improvements to these networks, focusing specifically on their success as mechanisms for achieving community results. We will integrate data from various sources understand whether the desired outcomes are being met.

The main areas of focus include:

  • Workforce Development
  • Older Adults and Isolation
  • Food Systems
  • Early Childhood (Bright Futures Roadmap)

Network Science StrategiesPromising Opportunities – Mapping the Ecosystem with PARTNER CPRM

One of the exciting features of our project is the ability to capture the interconnectedness between these focus areas. This means we can track community organizations that are involved in one or more of the focus areas, giving a holistic view of their participation.

For instance, the Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) will likely be a “partner” in all four use cases. Our CPRM will enable us to track their involvement across all these areas. This type of interaction is typical of community-wide networks and encourages cross-sector partnerships.

What To Expect

With our comprehensive data and resources, we’ll be able to do several significant things, such as documenting the landscape of community partners, assessing each partner’s capacities, identifying existing connections with underrepresented groups, increasing efficiency in collaboration, and many others.

At the end of this project, we will establish the first Jeffco PARTNER CPRM – a dataset that includes as much information about community networks across the county in one place, for the community’s benefit. To sign up for email updates about this project, click here.

Attend our Launch Webinar on April 18!

See the new platform, explore the ecosystem data, and get inspiration for creating your own community-wide CPRM platform by attending our launch webinar. We plan to demonstrate the tool and how to leverage it while building programs and partnerships using intentional networking strategies. Spots are limited – register below to save a seat.

JeffCo CPRM Reports

JeffCo Network Map

Jefferson County Community Ecosystem
Aggregate Report

This report overviews the results of two rounds of data collection from organizations in Jefferson County. We use a social network analysis approach to assess the data captured in PARTNER CPRM™. Invited organizations characterized their work, identified their partners, and described their partnerships. We identified 1742 relationships among the 215 organizations included in the network.

In this report, we describe the organizations in the network, provide an overview of essential needs in Jefferson County, review resources to support economic security, describe connected and resilient communities, and conclude with action steps and strategies.

Workforce Development

This report provides an overview of the results from the angle of Workforce Development.


This report provides an overview of the results from the angle of organizations serving older adults.


This report provides an overview of the results from the angle of early childhood and education.


This report provides an overview of the results from the angle of food systems and security.

About Visible Network Labs and PARTNER CPRM™

Visible Network Labs, the team behind PARTNER CPRM™, comprises Data Scientists, Project Managers, and Data Analysts. We work with a community throughout the project to build community capacity to understand the data, translate it into practice, and leverage it to impact programs, policy and, most importantly, improve lives.

Our mission is aligned with Colorado Gives Foundation’s dedication to supporting a thriving Jefferson County community. This CPRM™ project aligns with Essential Needs and Resilient and Connected Neighborhoods.

Together, we hope to make a tangible, positive impact on the lives of people in our county. Learn more by contacting our team: hello@visiblenetworklabs.com

Connect with our Team!

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