The Calgary Early Childhood Literacy Network Mapping Project

The Rotary Club of Calgary is embarking on an analysis of the network of organizations dedicated to improving early childhood literacy and language development outcomes in Calgary. The hope is that every child in Calgary learns to read (to ‘crack the code’) by the end of Grade 3 and enjoys reading. The analysis will visualize our network relationships, provide insights about the ways we work together, and identify opportunities for continued network development. Learn more about this exciting project below.

Mapping the Early Literacy Ecosystem in Calgary

Rotary recognizes that these are the early days of reimagining the early literacy ecosystem that shifted with the dissolution of Calgary Reads. Some of the participants have long standing relationships and some have never worked together before. The network we are trying to map is not yet officially named and the future unclear, but your thoughtful input to this survey will help us find a new way forward together.

To learn more about this project and how you can participate, watch the Introduction Session, “Thinking Like a Network Scientist,” and download the accompanying slide deck below. Presented by Dr. Danielle Varda, CEO and founder of Visible Network Labs, it will help you grasp the fundamentals of network science and analysis, as well as show you a few ways you might already be thinking like a network scientist.

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