Dr. Danielle Varda, Noted Network Scientist and Founder of Visible Network Labs, to Speak at Boulder Startup Week


BOULDER, Colo., May 16, 2023 — Visible Network Labs (VNL) today announced that its CEO and Founder, Dr. Danielle Varda, will be a featured speaker at Boulder Startup Week’s panel discussion titled “Behavioral Health & Innovation: What is needed for the current crisis?” on Wednesday, May 17 from 12:00 pm – 12:50 pm.

Dr. Varda is a nationally recognized expert in social connectedness and its profound impact on health and mental health outcomes. Her work in the field of network science and systems thinking has driven new insights into the role of social health in overall wellbeing. Dr. Varda’s groundbreaking research, which includes over 30 peer-reviewed articles on the subject, sheds light on the complexities and intricacies of networks and their influence on mental and physical health.

In addition to her leadership at VNL, Dr. Varda is an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Denver’s School of Public Affairs, where she co-directs the Center on Network Science. She holds secondary appointments in the Colorado School of Public Health, Department of Health Systems, Management, and Policy, and the School of Information Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder.

“Dr. Varda’s expertise in network science, systems thinking, and social health makes her a valuable contributor to the discussion around behavioral health and innovation,” said Alex Derr, Director of Communications at VNL. “We are excited for this opportunity to share our network approach with the Boulder Startup community.”

In the panel discussion, Dr. Varda, along with three other Colorado founders, will discuss the current challenges in behavioral health, their vision for the future, and provide advice to entrepreneurs interested in starting a health tech company. The conversation promises to be enlightening and informative, offering unique perspectives from leaders at the forefront of health tech in Colorado.

For more information about the event, visit: https://boulderstartupweek2023.sched.com/event/1NAIX/behavioral-health-innovation-what-is-needed-for-the-current-crisis

About Visible Network Labs:

Visible Network Labs is a social enterprise that uses network science to help communities and organizations visualize, analyze, and strategize how they can better work together. Led by CEO Dr. Danielle Varda, VNL focuses on social connectedness and its impact on overall health.


Alex Derr
Director of Marketing & Communications
Visible Network Labs

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