Dr. Danielle Varda to Deliver Keynote Speech at the Yampa Valley Wellness Conference


Visible Network Labs CEO, Dr. Danielle Varda, to Deliver Keynote Speech at the Yampa Valley Wellness Conference on April 27th

Dr. Varda

Dr. Varda

Denver, Colorado, March 30, 2023 – Visible Network Labs, a Denver-based network analysis and data visualization company, is excited to announce that its CEO, Dr. Danielle Varda, will be a keynote speaker at the Yampa Valley Wellness Conference on April 27th. The conference brings together professionals from behavioral health and associated disciplines, non-profit organizations, education, and business, as well as interested community members from Routt County and beyond.

As a scientist turned startup founder, Dr. Varda is a nationally renowned expert in applied network science, with over 25 years of experience studying social connectedness and health. She has published more than 30 peer-reviewed articles on networks and their impact and is a tenured professor at the University of Colorado Denver, School of Public Affairs. Dr. Varda’s vast expertise and entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish Visible Network Labs, where she continues to break new ground in network science.

The Yampa Valley Wellness Conference aims to engage participants in active learning experiences, acknowledge the impact of COVID-19 on behavioral health, and examine separation and loneliness across relationships and systems. The conference highlights connection and community as key antidotes to the challenges faced during the pandemic.

Dr. Varda’s keynote speech, titled “Visualizing Social Connectedness as a Pathway to Stronger Social, Mental, and Behavioral Health,” will demonstrate the innovative and novel approach of network science in understanding the complexities of loneliness, isolation, and adverse social connectedness. She will showcase how assessments of personal networks and systems can be incorporated into everyday provider visits to create person-centered social care plans.

Participants of the conference can expect a mindset shift in understanding connectedness and will have the opportunity to practice new ideas in real time. Dr. Varda will also introduce groundbreaking innovations in the field that aim to improve patient and client outcomes, strengthen provider-patient relationships, and address the needs of those experiencing adverse social connectedness.

To learn more about the Yampa Valley Wellness Conference and Dr. Danielle Varda’s keynote speech, visit https://thehealthpartnership.org/yampa-valley-wellness-conference/.

About Visible Network Labs

Visible Network Labs is a Denver-based network analysis and data visualization company that specializes in applied network science. The company is dedicated to addressing pressing social challenges through innovative solutions and cutting-edge research. For more information, visit https://visiblenetworklabs.com.

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