NEW: PARTNER CPRM Interface Update and HIPAA Upgrades

As we finish Quarter Two of 2022 our Product and Technology Teams are excited to release several major updates and upgrades to both the PARTNER CPRM and PARTNERme. This includes new improvements to a greater level of HIPAA Compliance and a completely rebuilt user workflow and interface in the PARTNER CPRM. Here are some brief overviews of each of these two major updates to the PARTNER Platform.

Get to Know our Brand New PARTNER CPRM Interface and Workflow

PARTNER has seen many major updates over the past decade, and this one is no exception. Our team has taken lessons learned over the past several years through research and engagement with our users to design a brand new workflow and interface for the CPRM. The brand-new look is sleek, easy to navigate, and much more intuitive to use. The streamlined process now features five key steps:

  1. Design and customize your survey
  2. Add and edit your survey respondents
  3. Create and send email invitations
  4. Explore your results
  5. Create and share your reports

These updates make PARTNER far easier to use on your own, making the tool more accessible to a variety of organizations that might not be able to afford a large project with our team. Additional resources, including onboarding materials and a training course, will help make the CPRM accessible to anyone who wants to use it without needing to be a network science expert.

Here are some sneak peek snapshots of the new interface and workflow! If you want to see the new CPRM for yourself, click here to register for our August Web Demo, where we will demonstrate and share all of the new interfaces and features while answering questions in real time.

The new five step homepage for using PARTNER.
Updated Easy-to-use Email Interface
The New and Improved Report Builder

PARTNERme is Even Safer Now with New HIPAA Compliance Measures

While PARTNERme has always been HIPAA compliant, we have recently implemented additional security protocols to provide even more protection to our client and patient data. All PARTNERme screening data is stored on secure servers and only accessible by qualified professionals. Additional measures like automatic sign-out timers and anti-viral software on all VNL computers and tablets provide extra layers of security to ensure your data remains secure at all times.

Learn more about these updates: Get in Touch!

Using new features is not always easy. Our team is here to help make it a little less confusing. Whether you are a current PARTNER user interested in these new features, or you are still considering using the platform, the best way to learn more is to connect with our staff. Use the link below to send us a message or set up a call. We look forward to connecting with you!

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