Dr. Danielle Varda & VNL Win TrueSpace’s Exemplar Builder Award

VNL & TrueSpace

We are proud to announce that Dr. Danielle Varda and Visible Network Labs have been named as the recipients of the Exemplar Builder Award by TrueSpace

TrueSpace is a consulting and research firm that helps CEOs of strong, post-startup companies get to the next level. Dr. Varda and VNL have been involved with TrueSpace for several years now, and through the help of the firm and their chairman and CEO, Mr. Charles Fred, Dr. Varda has grown VNL exponentially in terms of revenue, impact, and staff, especially within the last year. 

TrueSpace evaluates CEOs and their companies through five operating conditions: Alignment, Endurance, Discipline, Predictability, and Value Creation. Then, using knowledge gleaned from “a multi-year study of sustainable growth in businesses with $2 to $10 million in revenue,” provides guidance to CEOs of the companies. 

Dr. Varda and the Exemplar Builder Award
Dr. Varda and the Exemplar Builder Award

TrueSpace works with and assists businesses that meet the following criteria:

  • Aspirations to reach middle market ($10M+) growth
  • Their product is validated by a strong customer base
  • Been in business for at least 3-5 years
  • Have more than five employees

In choosing Endurance as a guiding theme of this year’s Builder Summit, TrueSpace said “We carefully chose the name of the operating condition – Endurance — because we knew of its implication to a business-builder; a trip to the middle market will not be simple, quick or painless. Creating the capability to lead a team through the never-ending challenges while staying true to the mission, builds businesses of lasting value and relationships that endure the test of time.”

Dr. Varda and Mr. Charles Fred
Dr. Varda receiving the Award from Mr. Fred

Speaking of VNL’s experience with TrueSpace and Mr. Fred, Dr. Varda said:

“Joining TrueSpace was a pivotal decision for VNL. The data-driven nature of the program was an easy connection for VNL, but the outstanding leadership that is based within TrueSpace across the many dimensions of business-building was an additional benefit.  For every aspect of a CEO’s journey, this program has proven to be unique in every way. The status quo of most startup or mentorship programs hardly results in the success that businesses experience after participating in TrueSpace. 

VNL has doubled its revenue, expanded our team, built a recurring and predictable model of growth, and has a remarkable culture. Much of this is due to the great guidance and support of the TrueSpace team, and especially Charles Fred.”

VNL's Leadership Team
VNL's Leadership Team

TrueSpace is involved with many entrepreneurs and start-up companies, with over 70 members and mentors attending their 2022 Builders Summit, including VNL. VNL’s Leadership Team, representing our Executive, Customer Experience, Data Science, Marketing & Sales, Tech and Product Teams convened in Morrison, Colorado for a photoshoot highlighting them and our company. 

Be sure to stay tuned to our Visible Us Blog for more product updates and VNL Team content!

About the Author: Will Jacobson

Will Jacobson is the Business Development Representative on VNL’s Marketing and Communications Team. Originally from New York City, Will loves living in Colorado and all the outdoor life it has to offer. He’s also a pretty big foodie!

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