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Raising Your Response Rate: A Brief

A Network Science Brief from Visible Network Labs

A high response rate is ideal for any survey, but it’s a critically important necessity when it comes to a network survey. This is because network data is not representative, as with most surveys. Each individual in a network has unique ties to others that can only be identified if at least one of the two individuals responds to the survey and reports their connection to the other. Thus, in order to map an accurate network structure, it is important to have as many respondents as possible. 

Specifically, while most normal surveys aim to get a 10-20% response rate, you will need a 60-70% response rate for a network survey if you want the results to be accurate and actionable. This can be difficult to achieve in practice, so our team has developed this Network Science Brief with tips, best practices, and other ideas you can use to try raising your response rate. 

We love to learn from others. If you have a tip for raising your response rate, please leave a comment further below to share your insight with our community. It might just make it into the next edition of our brief!

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